Rice University Web Adventure

Rice University Web Adventure
1. Click on the link from Bartholomai Teacher page
2. Click on Case One – Rookie Training
3. Under “Checklist” click on Toxicology Lab
4. Then click on LEARN ABOUT THE LAB
Why do Forensic Scientists test human fluids and tissues?
2. What is the difference between a Drug Chemistry Lab and a Forensic Toxicology lab?
3. What does the medical examiner draw from a body and send to toxicology?
4. Click on each vial to learn more about it. WARNING: the video is gross – so don’t watch it if you
just ate something. Question: What is vitreous humor and how do you get it?
5. Once in the blood where will the drug be transported? (click on blood vial for answer)
6. How does the medical examiner collect urine postmortem?
7. What else can a toxicology lab analyze on a decomposing body?
8. What is a maggot milkshake? (You do not have to watch the clip, I didn’t because maggots make
me sick).
9. What does it mean if a substance is found in the blood, but not in the stomach?
10. Why don’t toxicologists have to analyze ALL bodily fluids?
11. If a drug is present in one part of the body, it should be present in other parts of the body.
12. When was Forensic Toxicology invented and by whom?
13. What piece of lab equipment is used in the screening of alcohol?
14. Was there any alcohol found in the body of the car driver? ______
15. What is an ELISA test? Is it presumptive or confirmatory?
16. What are negative controls?
17. Why are the tests run twice?
18. What confirmatory test was used to determine the drugs in the man’s blood?
19. What is the main function of a GC/MS?
20. How does a GC/MS work? (list 5-6 steps)
21. What is the graph called that is generated by a GC/MS?
22. Every chemical has its own ___________ ___________ of peaks.
23. What is the plural of mass spectra?
24. Every chemical has its own ____________ _____________ and like a fingerprint it is
25. Chemical #1 was identified as ____________________.
26. Chemical #2 was identified as _____________________________.
27. Which drug was responsible for the man’s reckless driving?
28. Do you have the personality to be a good Forensic Toxicologist?
Finished? Why don’t you go back to the homepage and click on “CSI Ethics”. Do the quiz.
Extra Credit: (a) Were your answers to the CSI Ethics quiz in the majority?
(b) List some areas of stress that a Forensic Scientist may feel while on the job.