Global Studies - Advance Placement US History

Contemporary World History
 The following are a list of terms/concepts that you will definitely need to know to
pass the final exam.
 This is NOT every single thing that is on the final! (Maybe 70%) You will
need to study. Looking up the information/filling the blanks in is your
 This is just a guideline.
 You do NOT have to complete this study guide packet BUT if you complete
this packet before your Final Exam to a 95% completion/accuracy you can
receive up to 3% points extra credit on your final exam.
V-J Day:
Executive Order 9066:
Give some examples of War Time Prosperity:
Office of Economic Stabilization:
Revenue Acts:
Girls Baseball: (During WWII)
War Labor Board:
Office of Price Administration:
Latchkey Children:
Where is the current home of United Nations and what year was it formed?
What is another term for Conscription?
Detroit Race Riots:
Double V:
Fair Employment Practices Committee:
Zoot Suits: (Also famous Zoot-Suit Murder Trial 1942)
Little Boy and Fat Man: (What type where did they go specifically)
Enola Gay & Bockscar:
GI Bill:
Rosie the Riveter:
Office of War Information:
Hollywood Canteen:
“Code Talkers”/ “Wind Talkers”
The eventual end of WWII lead to?
What popular radio program portrayed 2 uneducated African-American characters
that were actually played by well educated white men?
1944 Presidential Election (Roosevelt vs. Dewey)
 How did FDR mudsling Dewey?
Brandenburg Gate:
Iron Cross:
Which country borrowed $4 million from the USA to pay for food after WWII?
USS Missouri (Explain significance):
Dwight Eisenhower as ruler of Japan?
Communist Bloc: (Soviet Expansion)
Treaties & Agreements following WWII:
Yalta Agreement (Following WWII)
Poland (Problems & Compromise)
Potsdam Conference:
Orderly and humane:
London Protocol:
Treaty of Paris:
Morgenthau Plan:
Nuremburg Trial:
Treaties & Agreements following WWII: (Cont.)
Marshall Plan:
Warsaw Pact:
Who said we need to “Roll back the Iron Curtain”?
Berlin Airlift (year and what it & was how it was done): USA’s responses (3 of the)
What is a puppet government?
Where did Stalin set up puppet governments following WWII?
Atomic Diplomacy:
NSC 68:
Rosenberg’s: (Including the trail reading packet I gave you)
Truman Doctrine:
Bernard Baruch’s Plan
Atomic Energy Act:
Truman’s Rational for using the A-bomb?
Domino Theory:
Mao Zedong:
Harry S. Truman vs. Douglas McArthur: (Problems and firing)
July 27th 1953:
What was Truman’s biggest task after WWII?
What is Inflation?
Why did the economy continue to grow under Truman?
Taft-Hartley Act:
Jackie Robinson:
What are some ways African-Americans were deterred from voting?
What is a PAC?
Who were the 3 future political figures elected to the 80th congress?
What is a Dixiecrat?
Who desegregated the military?
What was TRUMAN’S Fair Deal?
Communist Paranoia History
Red Scare/Bolshevik:
House Committee on Un-American Activities:
Smith Act:
Office of Strategic Services:
Truman’s Loyalty Program:
What was the “Red List” and where was it created? (Text question)
What was Joseph McCarthy noted for?
McCarran Internal Security Act:
What happened to the US economy after WWII?
Hollywood Ten:
Which future president testified for the Screen Actors Guild denying actors and film
producers were communist sympathizers?
Pumpkin Papers:
What are the 3 symbols of American prosperity?
What is the trickledown effect of American prosperity?
What does “Keeping up with the Jones” mean?
What was the 1st General Credit Card issued in the USA (and when)?
Who (Government person) was primarily going after Labor Unions (Teamsters) in
the 1950’s
What were they what did they lead to? Everything under the sun: DETAIL.
What is Ticky Tacky?
What percentage of Levittown’s were whites?
What fraction of Americans commuted to their jobs by the mid 1950’s?
Ray Kroc:
McDonald’s: (Relation to American Dream) and all the information discussed in
class: ALL INFO:
When was the Polio Vaccine introduced?
List how some inventions/rise in industries actually hurt other areas of industry:
Disneyland: (Year….What it meant, how it tied into the times, problems they faced
American Women’s Dilemma and the Feminine Mystique:
Dr. Spock:
Billy Graham:
“Under God”/ “In God We Trust”
In what year did Americans start spending more time watching TV than working?
In what year did 90% of all homes have at least 1 TV?
Why were western’s popular?
Why was it difficult to broadcast sports on TV in the 1950’s?
Which president tied religion to patriotism?
Who was Allen Freed and what did he do?
Why was Rock-N-Roll called Rock-N-Roll?
What movie featured one of the 1st Rock-N-Roll hits (Also what song was used)?
What was “arguably” the 1st Rock-N-Roll hit?
Frankie Lymon:
When did Elvis get drafted into the Military and what branch of the military?
Who did parents want their kids listening to instead of Elvis?
What TV show only showed Elvis from the waist up? AND WHY did they do this?
Rat Race:
Which 3 musicians were part of “The Day The Music Died”? And in what year?
Presidential Candidates 1952 Election:
Who “Vowed to go to Korea”?
What happened to Korea at the Potsdam Conference 1945? (Korean War
Syngman Rhee:
Kim Jong-IL:
Kim iL-Sung:
Kim Jong Un
North and South Korea’s official name and dates of existence:
What is the “Red Army”?
Which 2 nations signed the Sino-Soviet Treaty of Friendship, Alliance, and Mutual
When did the Soviet Union acquire the Atomic Bomb?
Task Force Smith:
According to McArthur, where was the real Cold War?
Why did Mao Zedong go to the Soviet Union for 2 months in 1949?
What condition did the UN put on joining the Korean War?
How did the Soviet Union involve itself in the Korean War? (How was the invasion
When did N. Korea advance past the 38th parallel? Why was this date significant?
Pusan Perimeter:
Seoul (and it’s occupation in relation to the 38th Parallel)
UN Security Council: (and permanent members)
Who left the UN Security Council 1st? (Explain why/how)
What legitimized the U.N. (be specific)?
38th Parallel Dilemma:
What was McArthur’s exit plan in Korea?
Dynamic Conservatism:
What are the 3 R’s of Roosevelt’s New Deal?
Interstate Highway Act:
What lead to Joseph McCarthy’s downfall?
Earl Warren:
1956 Presidential Election:
Brown vs. Board of Education:
Plessy vs. Ferguson:
Southern Manifesto:
Little Rock 9:
Orval Faubus:
“The Lost Year”:
Civil Disobedience:
Rosa Parks:
Give some examples of the ways blacks were discriminated against on busses:
Montgomery Bus Boycott:
Civil Rights Act 1957:
Strom Thurmond (several things about him):
Eisenhower’s “New Look”:
Vietnam Background
Vichy French:
Ho Chi Minh:
 Issued with his declaration of Peoples republic of Vietnam as a country
Viet Minh:
Bao Dai:
Viet Cong:
Battle of Dien Bien Phu:
Geneva Agreement of 1954:
Virgin Mary is going south:
Suez Canal problem:
Gemal Nasser
Aswan Dam:
John Foster Dulles:
Arab-Israeli Conflict:
Eisenhower Doctrine:
Francis Gary Powers:
Castro’s Overthrow of Cuba: (Know these events/reasoning/USA involvement):
Potential candidates of the 1960 Presidential Election:
JFK’s nomination drawbacks:
1st Televised Presidential Debate: (Year and problems etc):
Robert Kennedy:
Peace Corps:
Flexible Response:
Bay of Pigs: (A LOT)
Juan Garcia:
Operation Mongoose:
Cuban Missile Crisis:
(OOODLES of info such as Year, Options or response ideas, Timeline, Occurrences,
Quarantine vs. Blockade:
Black Saturday:
Agreement: (Turkey included)
According to JFK where was the key to winning the Cold War?
Major Rudolph Anderson:
Nuclear Test Ban Treaty:
John Glenn:
Neil Armstrong:
Yuri Gagarian:
Alan Sheppard:
Project Mercury:
Project Apollo:
Freedom Rides:
Anniston and Birmingham:
Bull Connor:
Woolworth’s Lunch counter:
What was Martin Luther King criticized for his “non-violent” demonstrations in
George Wallace:
Civil Rights Act 1964:
James Meredith:
MLK’s Letter from Birmingham Jail:
Thurgood Marshall:
JFK Assassination:
When and where was JFK assassinated:
John Connelly:
LBJ swearing in ceremony:
Dealey Plaza:
Abraham Zapruder:
Parade Route: (Change)
J.D. Tippit:
Jack Ruby:
Lee Harley Oswald:
Alex Hidell:
Warren Commission: (LOTS OF INFO)
Magic Bullet Theory:
Secret Service Problems/Conspiracy:
Mafia Conspiracy:
Carlos Marcello
Sam Giancana
Judith Cambell Exner
Christian David
Lucian Sarti
Rose Cherami
Student Units:
Only a few questions from the selected topics that had been presented to this point
will be on the final exam. (This is not needed to be completed for the study guide
extra credit requirement.
Only the information that was printed on the power points is what I will devise
questions from. (This is the only fair wait to do it because of time constraints)