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Please fill out our application form with your biographical data.
Please attach a 2-3-page research proposal (see “Research
Proposal Submission Form” below) along with a copy of your
resume or CV. Please e-mail these documents to and fax the original signed
Conditional Use Agreement to 617 425 4511 (Attn: ESCI
Research). You must also mail the Conditional Use Agreement to:
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Research Proposal Submission Form
We are excited about your interest in ECI research and look forward to hearing
about your specific plans. Using APA style, please prepare a detailed description
of your proposed research plan using the following outline. We would like a 2-3
page, double-spaced proposal that addresses all of the following points:
1. Background:
Describe the research question/issue
Cite references that support the theoretical or empirical
foundation/rationale of your study (e.g., previous research in this area, or
related area)
Please provide a clear and concise statement of purpose
Please provide a projected date when you plan to have your findings in
written form.
2. Proposed Study:
Please list your theoretically/empirically based hypotheses
Describe your sample (e.g., MBA students)
 How were they obtained (if from industry, please describe the
industry or context)?
 How will they be sampled (e.g., convenience, randomly)?
 How many participants do you plan to obtain?
 Do you plan to use the ECI 2.0 or ECI-U?
Is your study correlational or experimental? Please explain.
Outline and operationalize your independent and dependent variables
How will you ensure confidentiality and consent?
3. Analyses and Conclusions: (if applicable)
Please outline any planned analyses
Do you have any preliminary results or findings?
4. References:
Please provide a list of full references for any studies previously cited
Please provide references for any other studies supporting this project
Thank you very much for your interest and cooperation. The Hay Group is a
research based consulting firm and the above submission form is designed to
ensure that research using our survey instruments is carried out to a high
standard. If you have any questions or concerns please contact us at the above
address. Proposals not prepared using APA style or that do not follow the
above guidelines will not be reviewed.