October Sky

October Sky
Study Questions
What country launched the first man made satellite (sputnik)?
{Russia was the first country to launch a man made satellite.}
Where did the movie October Sky take place? {This movie took place in
Coalwood, West Virginia.}
Rocketry was actually invented by whom? {Rocketry was actually
invented by the Chinese.}
What is the name of the main character? {The main character is Homer
At first, was Homer’s father in favor of his rocket interest? {No,
Homer’s father was not in favor of his rocket interest.}
What did Homer want to win and why did he want to win this? {Homer
wanted to win the science fair, because he wanted a scholarship to go to
What were the Rocket Boys accused of? {They were accused of one of
their rockets starting a forest fire}
After Homer’s father’s accident, what did Homer do? {Homer went to
work in the coal mine}
How did Homer prove he did not start the forest fire? {He proved
mathematically that their rocket traveled in a different direction and could
have in no way started the fire.}
Who ends up winning the science fair? {Homer Hickam and the Rocket
Boys win the science fair.}
Who does Homer end up working for? {Homer ends up working for
Is this movie, October Sky, based on actual or fictional events? {This
movie is based on a true story.}
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