Whitbey Name: Hour: US History A Reading for Content Notes 10.3

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US History A
Reading for Content Notes
10.3 Acquiring New Lands
Ruling Puerto Rico
How did the US govern Puerto Rico until Congress
developed a definite plan?
Foraker Act
Why didn’t the US want to give Puerto Rico
What kind of government did the Foraker Act establish
in Puerto Rico?
Cuba and the United States
What was the Teller Amendment?
What did the American military do in Cuba following
the Spanish American War?
What were the provisions of the Platt Amendment to
the Cuban constitution?
Platt Amendment
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Why did the United States want to maintain its
influence in Cuba?
Filipinos Rebel
How did Americans treat people in the Philippines
during the Philippine-American War?
Emilio Aguinaldo
What kind of government did the US establish in the
Philippines after the war?
Foreign Influence in China
Why was China known as the “sick man of Asia”?
John Hay
What were spheres of influence and how did they tie
into Hay’s Open Door Notes?
Open Door Notes
Why did the Boxers rebel?
Boxer Rebellion
What three American beliefs were reflected by the
Open Door policy?
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The Impact of U.S. Territorial Gains
After you read this final section, do you think that
Americans were generally in favor or against
imperialism? Explain your reasoning.