Draft Job Description

Temple Sutton Primary School
Post Title:
Temple Sutton Primary School & Children’s Centre
The Professional duties of teachers, (other than the Head teacher) are set out in the
School Teachers pay & Conditions Document and describe the duties required of all
teachers. In addition, the specific requirements of the post of classroom teacher, along
with the particular duties expected of the post holder have been set out below:
Responsibility for Inclusion (SENCo)
To provide for the educational, social, moral, spiritual and cultural
development for each individual child in the following identified
groups e.g. SEN, G & T, EAL, Looked After Children
To be responsible and accountable for securing the highest
standards of pupil achievement across the school through effective
monitoring, evaluation and review of learning progress and teaching
outcomes and setting targets for improvement in collaboration with
the class teacher/LSA
To lead, develop and enhance the teaching practices of others
across the school, by evaluating, supporting, guiding and target
Liaising with internal and external agencies to ensure highest
standards of well being for the child and family within their local
Responsible to:
Deputy Head teacher, Head teacher
Responsible for:
Inclusion (Special needs, Looked after children Gifted and Talented)
And any other vulnerable group.
Key Stage 2, Learning Resource Base
Temple Sutton Primary School
To ensure appropriate differentiation of the curriculum to meet individual
pupils’ needs, including SEN, Gifted and Talented, Looked after Children
(LAC) and children with English as an Additional Language (EAL).
1. Professional development
to develop, review, monitor and evaluate the Staff Development
Programme for Learning Support Assistants, including HLTAs
and Midday Assistants
to develop, review, monitor and evaluate the performance
management programme for LSAs and MDAs
2. Staffing, resources and accommodation
to lead and manage the work of all the LSAs, ensuring that their
responsibilities are met in a timely and effective manner
to ensure that the LSAs meet their objectives as specified in
performance management reviews
to assist in the setting of timetables and duties for LSAs
to have overall responsibility for curriculum resources pertinent
to SEN, G & T, EAL and looked after children, ensuring that
subject leaders are carrying out their specified responsibilities in
this area
3. Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator Responsibilities
 To comply with the SEN Code-of-Practice
 To formulate and review policy documentation as set out in the School
Improvement Plan, in full consultation with teaching staff and in
particular Key Stage Leaders
 To write an Action Plan for School Improvement for SEN and evaluate
the effectiveness of the plan, on an annual basis
 To exemplify good practice in the classroom and provide
demonstration lessons for staff/Governors/Parents as appropriate
 To plan, organise and manage the work of the SEN Learning Support
Assistant, in order to impact on pupil progress
 To plan, organise and manage the work of any HLTAs in order to
impact on pupil progress
Temple Sutton Primary School
 To liaise with class teachers to contribute to the planning and
organising of the work of the LSA in each class, in order to impact on
pupil progress
 To collaborate with teachers and parents to formulate and review
reports and Individual Education Plans for children on Class Action,
School Action, School Action Plus and with statements
 To carry out twice annually reviews of individual education plans in
collaboration with parents and class teacher
 To organise and chair annual review meetings for children with
 To initiate contact and liaise with other agencies, regarding individual
pupils’ needs
 To liaise with the Key Stage 3 to ensure progression and continuity
 To monitor and evaluate the quality of teaching and learning for
children with SEN throughout the school, through lesson observations,
book sampling and monitoring planning on a timetable agreed with the
Head teacher
 To work directly on a timetabled basis agreed with the Head teacher
with children who have been identified as being part of the groups for
SEN, G & T, EAL and looked after children
 To advise and inform newly qualified teachers and other new staff
about the SEN/Inclusion/Behaviour policies within the school
 To attend courses and meetings and to evaluate and report back to the
Head teacher and other staff on the essential issues covered
 To keep up to date with current trends and research and to debate as
 To keep an up to date inventory (amended every term) of resources
throughout the school, in class bases and Learning Resource Base
 To attend and contribute to SEN Development Plan meetings as
agreed with the Head teacher
 To contribute information to parents’ meetings
 To liaise with members of the Governing Body linked to SEN, to inform
them of progression of the Action Plan, quality of teaching and learning
and standards in the subject
 To provide written reports/present information to the Governing Body at
the request of the Governors/Head teacher
4. Liaison with partner schools, parents, governors and the wider
to develop, review, monitor and evaluate liaison and continuity
arrangements with partner schools
to promote and support ‘extended school’ activities in the interests of
the whole school community and in particular related to the school’s
‘Outreach’ programme
to promote liaison with external agencies to meet individual pupils’
needs and to ensure their safety and well being
Temple Sutton Primary School
Special Additional Notes
This Job Description may be altered at any time, after discussion with
you, to meet changed circumstances. It will in any case be reviewed
annually. It does not form part of your contract of employment. It sets
out the way you are expected and required to perform the duties set out
above. This is not a complete or definitive list of duties, but a guide as
to what should be done.
Temple Sutton Primary School
Person Specification: SENCO
Knowledge and Understanding
Qualified Teacher status.
Evidence of continuous INSET with
particular reference to Special
Educational Needs (SEN).
The SENCO should have experience of:
- Teaching at KS1 and 2
- Qualified teacher with at least four
years experience in the primary
- Evidence of continuing professional
- Evidence of work with colleagues in
primary schools
- Experience of leading a team of
teachers on the curriculum initiative
- Experience of budget management
- Experience of training other teachers
- Experience of working alongside
other teachers in the development
and learning
- Experience of setting targets and
monitoring, evaluating and recording
The SENCO should have knowledge and
understanding of:
- Strategies for meeting SEN in a
mixed ability class situation
- The SEN Code of Conduct and its
practical application
- The statementing process and the
evidence needed
- Behaviour management techniques
for groups and individuals
- Familiarity with the concepts of Gifted
and Talented
- Good understanding of curriculum
and pedagogical issues related to
extending pupil performance and the
development of thinking skills
- Good understanding of factors
promoting effective transfer of
learners from one phase of education
to the next
- Good understanding of the principles
behind school improvement including
school improvement planning,
monitoring, review and evaluation of
In addition, the SENCO might have
experience of teaching the whole
primary age range dealing with a range
of SEN.
The SENCO will be able to:
- Empathise with the difficulties of SEN
pupils in accepting the curriculum
Confident in the use of information and
communication technology.
Good influencing and negotiation skills.
In addition the SENCO might have
knowledge and understanding of:
- Using comparative information
about attainment
- The funding support mechanism
for SEN
- The roles and responsibilities of
educational psychologists and
of learning and behaviour
support services
- Pastoral support plans
- An understanding of the
broader secondary and primary
context and Government
initiatives to raise achievement
- Good understanding of the
principles behind project
management including
planning, monitoring, review
and evaluation progress
- Knowledge and understanding
to support EAL children
Temple Sutton Primary School
Personal Characteristics
Organise and sustain systematic
support from a variety of providers for
a range of SEN
Manage the co-ordination of teaching
assistants in support of SEN pupils
Advise and motivate teaching staff
with SEN initiatives
Present clearly a wide range of
specialised information to both
educationalists and noneducationalists
Make consistent judgements based
on careful analysis of available
Excellent classroom practitioner
Good communication skills, both
written and oral
Good presentation skills with the
ability to enthuse and motivate others
Good organisation skills
Willingness to share expertise, skills
and knowledge
Sensitivity to the aspirations, needs
and self esteem of others
Commitment to team working
Willingness to address challenging
issues with clarity of purpose and
Preparedness to attend national and
regional venues for meetings and
training sessions, which may involve
overnight stays and occasional work in
the evenings, at weekends or in school
Temple Sutton Primary School
SENCO Teacher
Required for April 2014
Temple Sutton is looking for an experienced, highly motivated and dedicated SENCO teacher
to come and join our Learning Support team following the retirement of a much valued
member of staff. We are a very large Primary school with a long standing reputation for
providing the best possible support for our pupils.
You will fill one of two teaching posts responsible for delivery of this vital support across the
school. We encourage involvement with Children’s Centre children as we believe that early
intervention benefits the family, child and school over time.
If you are interested in furthering your career and have the relevant experience and qualities
we are looking for, please contact us, we are waiting to hear from you.
Successful candidates will:
 Be in possession of a current Teaching qualification.
 Have the relevant qualifications and experience to assess, support and monitor
pupils with a range of specific learning difficulties
 Have a relevant qualification in the assessment and teaching of students with
specific learning difficulties and a current SENCO qualification is highly desirable.
 Need to demonstrate the skills required to engage, motivate and support a range of
students with varying needs on a daily basis.
 Lead a small team of dedicated staff as well as work effectively with key professions.
Visit to our school are warmly welcomed and strongly encouraged. Please call Liz Barclay on
01702 445523 who will be happy to arrange a convenient time.
Closing date:
Selection date:
Interview date:
Start Date:
13th January 2014 midday
15th January 2014
22nd and 23rd January 2014
22nd April 2014
Applications forms and supporting documents can be found on www.southend.gov.uk and
www.essexschooljobs.co.uk . Alternatively, you can telephone Mrs. Sandie Owen on 01702
445522 or email office@sutton.southend.sch.uk your request and we will send you the
necessary forms.
Our school is committed to safeguarding our children and staff and expect the successful
applicant to undergo an enhanced DBS check, medical clearance and satisfactory references.