The Diary of Anne Frank
The secret annex: Amsterdam 1942-1944
Anne Frank
Margot Frank
Edith Frank
Otto Frank
Mrs. Van Daan
Mr. Van Daan
Peter Van Daan
Mr. Dussel
Miep Gies
Mr. Kraler
Anna Rich
Chelsea Ettinger
Allie Chilton
Sam Bakley
MacKenzie Gassett
Zach Halberg
Ryan Thompson
Alistair Phaup
Annalise Welte
Robert McKinley
Jonas Burke
Zak Jaques
Kayla Dinces
Kimberly Rubin
Stage Manager
Molly Handville-Derrig
Set Design & Construction
Morgan Cafferata, Nick
Belléy, Nick Barrows, Kayla Dinces,
Molly Handville-Derrig, Kimberly Rubin,
Cara Tyler, Maddy Miller, Noelle Surprise,
Lee Kitchen, Krista Williamson, Andrew
Eugley, Caroline Kopesky, Eryn Thostenson,
Cyrus Hannibal, Gaby Blanco
Costumes Grace Buckley, Tori Manzi
Kathryn Manzi, Jessamy Washburn,
Kimberly Rubin
Lighting Design
Nick Belléy
Nick Barrows, Andrew Eugley
Make-up and Hair
Morgan Cafferata and the cast
Running Crew
Dustin Hamalainen,
Jennie Palermo, Josh Dufour Matt Clement,
Ben Pote, Lily Davis, Mrin Tyler, Morgan
Cafferata, Kimberly Rubin, Caroline Kopesky,
Krista Williamson, Kayla Dinces, Kathryn
Manzi, Molly Handville-Derrig, Cara Tyler,
Maddy Miller, Noelle Surprise, Eryn
Thostenson, Cyrus Hannibal, Lee Kitchen,
Jessamy Washburn, Kathryn Manzi, Grace
Buckley, Anna Grigo, Gaby Blanco, Adrian
Jaques, Chloe Squibb, Angelica Pendleton
Staff Advisor
The Diary of Anne Frank
Frances Goodrich and Albert Hackett
Produced by special arrangement with Dramatists Play Service, Inc.
Theater Performance Class
Molly Derrig
“I am broken” by John Weckesser
Maddy Smeaton
“Experimenting” by Jon Potter
Caitlin Throne
“Conversation with a telemarketer” by David
Anna Grigo
“The fortune teller” from The Skin of Our
Teeth by Thornton Wilder
Julia Gowesky
“Coffee” by Jess Fossett
Krista Williamson
from Possible Side Effects by Augusten
Ryan Thompson
“The mime” by Jon Potter
Dustin Underhill
“Walking” by Jon Potter
Nicole Herrick
“The Girlfriend” by Sarah E. Dean
Nick Belley
from Breezeblock Park by Willy Russell
Hana Berke
Zach Halberg
from “Rhinoceros” by Eugene Ionesco
Victoria Scott
“The Decision” by Peter Sklar
Meriah Ames
“Crazy glue” author unknown
Rebekah Cougle
“Coming of Age” by Alan Hanehl
From the dramatization by Frances Goodrich and Albert Hackett
Produced by special arrangement with Dramatists Play Service, Inc.