“Can You Speak Math?”
Objective: Students will be able to translate math statements into algebraic
Background Knowledge: Students need to be familiar with variables and
basic terms such as sum, product, quotient, and difference.
Materials: Copies of game pieces for each pair of students (laminated).
Directions/Activity: Students will use the basic rules for the game of
memory. They will match the phrase to the correct algebraic expression.
The winner is the person with the most matches at the end of the game.
***Keep a copy of the game board for use as a key!!!
“Can You Speak Math?”
Three times a
number x plus 14
The quotient of x
and 2
6 less than twice
the distance x
x less than 20
Triple the sum of x
and 14
The product of x
and 2
x less than 6
The difference
between x and 20
14 more than three The sum of twice x
20 less than the
The sum of x and 3
times x
and 6
quotient of x and 2
3x  14
2x  6
20  x
3( x  14)
6 x
x  20
3x  14
2x  6
( x  2)  20