The Seclusion of Japan

The Seclusion of Japan
According to the edict of 1635, what steps are to be taken to suppress Christianity?
There are numerous steps taken to suppress Christianity. But mainly, the steps to
Christianity are all very forceful, and motivate people to follow them through either
reward or punishment. The main idea of these steps is to primarily reject all Christianity.
This was done through investigation of ships for Christian priests, death to foreign
interaction, and reward if a high ranking priest was located. The Japanese were very
thorough in these investigations of traces of Christianity.
How are commercial dealings with foreigners to be handled before they are ended
Commercial dealings with foreigners are very strict. Foreign goods and the ships that
carry these goods are always investigated for any trace of Christian influence. These
goods must check in with the Japanese at one of the five trading ports. All goods must be
checked by the Japanese, and if they are free to be licensed, then trade is allowed. This
was a suppressive approach to Christianity, mainly because they did not want to make the
same mistake again.