Diet Analysis Paper Guidelines

Diet Analysis Paper Guidelines
At this point, you should have your entire Diet Analysis packet
completed and all 6 charts printed out. Review all the information you have
gathered from your analysis. Write a 2page-double spaced paper explaining
your results.
In your paper, discuss whether or not you think you need to change
your eating habits. The following five questions must be included in your
response. This paper must be written using complete sentences and proper
grammar. Please be sure to answer each question with detail. Use your
nutrient chart and/or textbook as a reference so you can say specifically why
you need the different nutrients. Please write neatly! If I can’t read it, I can’t
grade it.
From the Meal Summary Chart: (at least 5 sentences)
1. Do you eat all 3 meals on a regular basis? Why or Why not? What can
you do to make sure you are eating all 3 meals everyday (answer this
questions even if you regularly eat 3 meals a day)?
2. If you were missing a meal from Day #1 or Day #2, why did you miss
a meal that day?
From the Food Groups and Calories Report: (at least 5 sentences)
1. What food group(s) do you need to incorporate more into your daily
eating habits? How can you make sure to incorporate all the food
groups in your meals everyday (be specific).
From the Nutrient Chart: (at least 10) sentences
1. Look at your average eaten vs. the target, was your average eaten
greater than the target on nutrients that are not good for you in excess
(Ex: Fats, Sodium, Cholesterol, etc)? Identify which ones. If your
intake was greater, what can you do to decrease your intake on those
nutrients? If it was less, do you think this is comparable to other day’s
food intake?
2. Did your average eaten of good nutrients equal or exceed the target?
Explain why or why not. If not, how can you change this?