Newman, Martha and the Swiss

Sociology 266
Week 14 Review Questions
Due in Class on Tuesday November 26th
Since it is a short week, I have only assigned magazine and newspaper articles. As always, when
asked to cite, please use proper American Sociological Association style. It should look like this.
In her article on sociology classes, Jones stated, “Eimer’s classes are very informative”(Jones
2004:55). In this cite, Jones is the author; 2004 is the year her work was published; and 55 is the
page the quote was one.
The Crisis of the Near Poor
1. The article by Katherine Newman and Victor Tan Chen provide a sociological name for
people who struggle to make ends meet, but who are not considered poor. Please provide the
term they use and explain what they mean by it? Be sure to mention the size of this group in
your answer.
2. Newman and Chen propose a number of ways to improve the situation of the group of people
they discuss. Please describe two of the changes that they propose.
From “Martha Jernegons New Shoes”
3. Briefly summarize what living wage laws require. Be sure to cite the text in your answer.
4. Briefly describe the rationale used by proponents of living wage ordinances. Why do they
think these laws are both necessary and justified? Be sure to cite the text in your answer.
5. Opponents of living wage and minimum wage laws often argue that such laws will result in
layoffs for the very people the laws are trying to help. In an often cited study Card and Krueger
found otherwise. Please explain what their research found. Be sure to cite the text.
Switzerland’s Proposal to Pay People for Being Alive
6. Briefly describe the idea that is being considered in Switzerland, being sure to mention why
one reason why conservatives in the US like the idea, and one reason that liberals/leftists in the
US like the idea. Please cite the text at least once in your answer.
All of the Articles
7. All three article provide public policies that can improve the standard of living of working
class members of society. Of the public policy changes they mention, which do you think makes
the most sense? Why? Be sure to read all the articles, including the entire Newman article, before
answering this question.