From the Pastor October 9, 2005

From the Pastor
May 13, 2012
6th Sunday of Easter
Mothers Day
“Jesus said, ‘I have told
you this so that my joy
may be in you and your
joy might be complete.
This is my commandment:
love one another as I love
you. No one has greater
love than this, to lay down
one's life for one's friends.’” [John 15: 11-13]
To help open the treasures of the revised Roman
Missal, each week I’m giving a reflection on the
three Mass orations of that day, gleaned from the
book Essential Presidential Prayers and Texts. I’m
truly amazed at the theological depth and beauty
of these prayers; I hope you are, too!
6th Sunday of Easter – Collect
Grant, almighty God, that we may celebrate
with heartfelt devotion these days of joy,
which we keep in honor of the risen Lord,
and that what we relive in remembrance
we may always hold to in what we do.
Joy. The title of a Quaker Hymn asks, “How Can
I Keep from Singing?” Each verse describes
some of life’s traumas: storms and strife,
darkness and fear, tyrants and woes, but the
refrain adds: “No storm can shake my inmost
calm, while to that rock I’m clinging, Since Love
is Lord of heaven and earth, How can I keep
from singing?” Today’s Collect says the same.
Christians do not ‘fake’ happiness; we feel every
bitter pain and sorrow; we grieve and mourn,
we worry and wonder why. Since we also know
that Christ has conquered all things, we can
always have joy! Now this joy is not an emotion;
it is one of the gifts of the Holy Spirit! And that
joy gets planted deeper inside us each time we
receive Holy Communion, each time we
celebrate a sacrament, each time we affirm and
celebrate our bonds to the Lord and His Church.
6th Sunday of Easter – Prayer over the Offerings
May our prayers rise up to you, O Lord,
together with the sacrificial offerings, so that,
purified by your graciousness, we may be
conformed to the mysteries of your mighty love.
Sacrificial Offerings. As a Priest stands between
the Lord and His People to offer up his and their
prayers and the gifts of bread and wine, he is
functioning as a mediator. The Priest steps
between heaven and earth to offer praise and
sacrifice. He also beseeches the Lord for the gift
of his pardon and peace, so our offerings - and
those who offer them - may be purified. But
that does not leave the people without
anything to do. On the contrary, they must ask,
and raise their prayers in humble supplication
and total trust, and be open to receive whatever
the Lord wishes to grant them. And they must
pray for their Priest, who often struggles to do
all of the above, just as the people do! And both
Priest and people can never forget that they are
the children of a loving Father who longs to
lavish upon them every good gift through Christ
our Lord in the Holy Spirit.
6th Sunday of Easter – Prayer after Communion
Almighty ever-living God, who restore us
to eternal life in the Resurrection of Christ,
increase in us, we pray, the fruits of this
paschal Sacrament and pour into our hearts the
strength of this saving food.
Paschal Sacrament. The revised Roman Missal
uses the word ‘Paschal’ often: it is now called
the Paschal [not Easter] Candle; it is the Sacred
Paschal Triduum, not Easter. For most people,
Easter is the day of Resurrection; but Paschal,
from the Hebrew word for Passover, better
grasps the fullness of the mystery celebrated in
the Sacraments. In Baptism we die with Christ;
in the Eucharist we share in His Passion, Death
and Resurrection, etc. So the Paschal Mystery is
EVERYTHING Christ did to redeem humanity,
and the Paschal Sacraments are the main
celebrations of this saving grace.
While we are still on earth, we can only have a
taste of God’s grace; only in heaven will we fully
experience God’s many gifts. After we die, the
Sacraments will give way to their fullness; we
will no longer need sacred signs and symbols –
for we will enjoy the Real Thing! Until then, we
grope in the darkness, asking our Lord to “pour
into our hearts the strength of this saving food.”
A strong heart is filled with courage and hope; it
does not give up in times of trial or testing; it is
not discouraged by failure or hardship. Each
Eucharist is like a shot to the heart that delivers
the grace God knows we need! How could
anyone ever intentionally miss a weekly dose of
this great Sacrament? God bless all Mothers!
In His holy Name,
Rev. Thomas J. Serafin
Sixth Sunday of Easter
First Reading: Acts 10:25-26, 34-35, 44-48
Peter preaches to the Gentiles for the first time
in the house of Cornelius. Peter realized that
God would accept any person who acted
uprightly, regardless of his or her heritage. Then
the Holy Spirit descended on the Gentiles and
Peter allowed them to be baptized in the name
of Jesus.
Second Reading: I John 4:7-10
John advises all believers to love one another,
for love is a gift from God. The person without
love does not know God, whose love for us is so
great he sent his only son so that we might have
life through him.
Gospel: John 15:9-17
Jesus asks his disciples to live on in his love and
to “Love one another as I have loved you.” He
explains that he chose them to follow him, and
promises if they keep his commandments they
will have anything that they ask for in his name.
©1999 Bon Venture Services, Inc.
Ministers of the Liturgy
We acknowledge with appreciation the
following Liturgical Ministers who will serve at
next weekend’s Masses: May 19 & 20
5:00 pm Mass – Sacristan: D. Luceri; E.M. of Holy
Communion: L. Augustine, H. Hamilton, P. & A.
Graziano, A. & M. Bruno, L. Delasandro, J.
Farley; Readers: J. Higgins, G. Scibliia; Altar
Servers: Elwood’s, Middleton, Pedrani; CLOW: S.
Mania, G. Grube, L. Reinhart
8:00 am Mass – Sacristan: F. McAfee; E.M. of
Holy Communion: M. Boland, B. Clarke, F.
McAfee, J. McQuade, M. Vecchio, D. Madovoy, L.
Wuest, T. Stuckey; Readers: D. VanDine, A.
Wuest; Altar Servers: Polkowski, Sias’s, VanDine;
CLOW: S. Dowe
9:30 am Mass – Sacristan: B. Hartom; E.M. of
Holy Communion: M. Lybarger, B. Hartom, I.
Suseck, D. Scarpa, J. & K. Gosdick,. C. Scileppi, P.
Housman; Readers: J. Bova, K. Rutar; Altar
Servers: Culver, Connolly, Robison’s; CLOW: K.
Kwietniak, L. Artale, P. Maher
11:30 am Mass – Sacristan: C. & G. Herzhauser;
E.M. of Holy Communion: L. & L. Dawkins, B. &
T. Boelter, C. Walker, E. Balunis; Readers: M.
Rivero, A. Schuler; Altar Servers: Lauber,
Postiglione, Kotlar, Merola; CLOW: S. Frey, C.
Parish Ministry Contacts
To become active in a ministry, please contact the
ministry head. A booklet with the complete list of
all ministries can be found in the narthex under
the St. Elizabeth Ann Seton statue or on our parish
Coordinator of Ministries: Helen Thornton~391-5446
Adult Choir/Cantors ....... Brett Walzer ~ 782-1475 x20
Adult Faith Formation ... Diane Luceri ~ 782-1475 x14
Altar Servers ...................... Suzanne Wooby ~ 369-6390
Baptismal Prep .......... Anne & Brian Moore ~ 534-2136
Children’s Choir ...................... Coleen Cucci ~ 346-0367
Children’s Liturgy (CLOW) .. Kelly Robison ~ 284-2234
Employment Group .............. Mike Tomcho ~ 400-3036
EM of Holy Communion/Homebound/Hospital ............
Larry Dawkins ~ 284-1617
Fatima Rosary ............................ Shirley Frey ~ 806-4889
Food Pantry .......................... John Castellon ~ 806-4275
Guitar Group ......... Rusty & Linda Williams ~ 782-7551
Hospitality-after Mass....... Pauline Martino ~ 237-9675
Lazarus Ministry.................Helen Thornton ~ 391-5446
Linens Ministry ......................... Parish Office ~ 782-1475
Liturgical Environment ..... Norma Santella ~ 782-1475
Men’s Club ........................ Deacon Paul ~ 782-1475 x13
Ministers of Hospitality/Ushers..........................................
Bob Caron ~ 236-6492
Prayer Shawls ....................... Judy Herdman ~ 782-7973
Pat Rivero ~ 806-7890
Readers .....................................George Keith ~ 369-8650
Religious Formation:
Main Line ........................................................... 284-2929
P.C.L. .......................... Mariam Nawab ~ 284-2929 x23
Confirmation............ Lynnsey Nodes ~ 284-2929 x24
RF Secretary ............................. Gina Perez ~ 284-2929
Safe Environment Background Coordinator ..............
Helen Schuler ~ 369-6618
Summer RF ............................... Gina Perez ~ 284-2929
Karen Baron ~ 806-4384
Respect for Life ......................Helen Schuler ~ 369-6618
R.C.I.A. ................................ Diane Luceri ~ 782-1475 x14
Sacristans .... Steve & Florence Dzwonczyk ~ 284-1090
Seton Seniors ......................... Ben Mulhearn ~ 284-2650
Sextons ........................................ Eileen Bufe ~ 369-6642
Teen Ministry ............... Lynnsey Nodes ~ 284-2929 x24
Tween Ministry ................... Margie Kolatac ~ 371-0721
Wedding Coordinator ......... Geri Kaczorek ~ 369-3712
Women’s Spirituality ............. Coleen Cucci ~ 346-0367
Order of Diaconate – Michael Tomcho
It is with great joy we announce the impending
ordination of Michael Tomcho to the Order of
Diaconate. Mike will be ordained on Saturday,
June 9, 2012. Please remember Mike in your
prayers as he finishes his preparations for this
important ministry.
Ring in the Gloria!!
Please bring bells to all Masses during the
Easter Season to ring during the Gloria!
Services and Intentions: May 12 - 20
Vigil: Sixth Sunday of Easter
5:00 pm James Letchford, Sr.
r/o: Ann & Jim Letchford
8:00 am
Sixth Sunday of Easter
Ann Lubrano
r/o: Santella Family
9:30 am Doug Phillips
r/o: Diane & Tom Luceri
11:30 am Elaine Carol Monaghan
r/o: The Runk Family
9:00 am
Saint Matthias
Hedwig & Joseph Byorick
r/o: Irene Kinahan & Family
9:00 am
Saint Isidore, the worker
Alba Morelli
r/o: Janis Morelli
9:00 am
5:00 pm
I. Donatoni & Y. Accordini
r/o: Ann Padovani
Michael Stefura
r/o: Laurie Markowski
The Ascension of the Lord
6:30 am Michael Pocchio
r/o: Ann & Jim Letchford
9:00 am Robert Ladd
r/o: Constance Ladd
7:30 pm Eleanor Riggio
r/o: Betty Franck
9:00 am
Eucharistic Prayer Service
Vigil: Seventh Sunday of Easter
5:00 pm Hans Salopek
r/o: Mr. & Mrs. Anthony Tagliareni, Sr.
8:00 am
Seventh Sunday of Easter
Michael Sicola
r/o: Carole Sicola Warlikowski
9:30 am Frank Romanoski
r/o: John & Maureen Lybarger
11:30 am Howard Drake
r/o: Nancy McCluney
The Bread & Wine will be offered this week
In Memory of Kenny Getzloff
As requested by His Children
The Sanctuary Lamp will burn this week
In Memory of Robert Ladd
As requested by Constance Ladd
The Saint Elizabeth Ann Seton Lamp
will burn this week
In Memory of Josephine Sicola
As requested by Carole Sicola Warlikowski
May 6, 2012
Aid to Mission Church
Beginning Mortgage
Current Balance
Principal Paid to Date
Interest Paid to Date
Monthly Payment
Thank You!
$ 211,585
$ 445,167
$ 14,761.41
“For everything there is a season and a time for
every purpose under heaven…”
a time to be born…
a time to heal… We pray for all the sick of our
Parish and especially for:
Michael Alusik
Barbara Majerscak
Nadine Backhaus
Christine Martino
Angela Barbato
Stephen Maszczak
Callum Benderoth
Mary Beth Mavus
Jack Boland
Nancy McCluney
Gene Brandt
Anthony Miller
Austin Cowan
Janet Munk
Brian Dornan
Marie Murray
Patrick Ewart
Mariam Nawab
Hayley Filippini
Gertrude Neis
Bernadette Flynn
Bradley Opdyke
Alfredo Gruela
Gene Purugganan
Dave Hudak
Mely Purugganan
Margaret Hunt
Henry Rozborski
Tommy Kelly
Lorraine Slevin
Kevin Kelton
Luigi Stellato
Kathleen Kilpatrick
Paul Urban
Bob Klett
Christine Walker
Julian Kotulich
Betty Ware
Ann LaCorte
Leon Watts
a time to die… Joseph Bongiorno,
Rosalie Klementowicz
Paschal Candle
Thank you to Sharon & Kirk
Holderbaum for their generous
donation of this year’s Pascal
Attention Active Military and Veterans
Part of our annual Memorial Day
tradition is to have an honor guard
during all weekend masses on Memorial
Day weekend. We are also looking for
Girl & Boy/Cub Scouts to be part of the honor
guard in FULL CLASS A uniforms. If you would
like to help, please contact the Parish Office no
later than Wednesday, May 23.
Religious Formation News
Upcoming Events – May 2012
May 16
May 21
May 23
May 27
2nd Grade: May Crowning – 4:30 pm
Parish Hall
8th Grade: Last Class
SRF Parent Mtg: 7-9 pm in Holy Family Rm
Confirmation – 11:30 am & 2:00 pm
Fall RF Catechists & Aides Needed
Many positions need to be filled. If you are able
to help, please call the RF office at 284-2929.
Catechists Needed:
Mon. Afternoon (4:45-6:00): 3B, 5B, 6B
Mon. Evening (7:00-8:30): 8K
Tues. Afternoon (4:45-6:00): 1C, 2E, 2F, 3C, 4C, 6C
Tues. Evening (6:30-7:45): 1D, 5D, 7C
Wed. Afternoon (4:45-6:00): 1E, 6E
Aides Needed:
Mon. Afternoon (4:45-6:00): 3B, 6A, 6B
Mon. Evening (7:00-8:30): 8H
Tues. Afternoon (4:45-6:00): 1C, 2F, 3C, 4C, 6C
Tues. Evening (6:30-7:45): 7C
Wed. Afternoon (4:45-6:00): 3F, 4F, 6E
Hall Monitors are needed for every session.
Consider sharing your time and talent for the
children of our parish.
RF – Adult Credentials Requirement
Any parent or adult volunteer working with or
around children are required by the Diocese of
information, fingerprint and training records on
file in our office. If you are currently serving in a
ministry with children or expect to sign up in
the future, please complete the proper forms
and procedures. The packet can be found in the
bin on the wall outside the RF office. If you have
already completed the process, you will be
notified every three years, if active, to complete
a Name Check Only form. Any questions can be
Catechist / Aides / Faith Formation Leaders
Appreciation Dinner
Tuesday, June 12, 2012 – 7:00 pm
You are cordially invited to join us for evening
prayer and a Religious Formation Appreciation
Dinner. This invitation is extended to all who
have volunteered their time and talent in ANY
faith formation here at SEAS. Please RSVP by
email to: or 908-284-2929
by Tuesday, May 28.
Registration for 2012-2013 is ongoing!
Welcome to St Elizabeth Ann Seton Religious
Formation program! It is never too late to
register your children for the Religious
information and forms are available in our RF
office. We offer classes for grades 1-8. If you
have any questions please do not hesitate to
contact the RF office at 908-284-2929.
RF Registration
We have new students join us throughout the
year! If you are new to our parish community or
just feel it is time to get your children involved
in the RF program, we are here to help. Thank
you for being part of our RF program.
Parents are encouraged to be involved as much
as possible in the RF program!
You are welcome to help our RF program as a
Catechist, Aide, Substitute Catechist, Building
Coordinator, or Hall Monitor, or join us for daily
Mass, Reconciliation, Sacramental meetings, and
other activities we offer throughout the year. As
parents, you are the first and primary catechists
of your children. The RF program is here to
support you in our faith.
Catechist and Volunteers Sign-up for 2012-2013
Have you thought about being a catechist, but
were afraid to give it a try? We have 300
volunteer spots just waiting for you! We have
teaching opportunities for grades1-8. Books and
other materials are provided for you! We have
childcare on Wednesdays for your younger
children. Stop by the RF office to see what
opportunities are available. We will help you
choose the grade that is best for you. Please call
the office 908-284-2929.
Catechist Development
Catechists are provided opportunities to further
their own faith and learn new methods of
catechesis through Echoes of Faith, Catechism
Training Workshops, and classes offered in our
parish and at our Diocese.
Echoes of Faith Catechist Certification Sessions
The following sessions are for certification of all
catechists and are offered right here at SEAS in
the Peter & Paul Room. Please note that there
will now be only evening sessions, as follows:
The Catechetical Set: Tuesdays, 7-9 PM.
Getting Started: May 15
Roles of the Catechist: May 22
The Person of the Catechist: May 29
Adult Faith Formation
During this beautiful season of Easter, what
better time to learn more about your faith and
deepen your relationship with Christ! See below
for more information on our programs at SEAS.
Please contact Diane Luceri at 782-1475 x14 or for more information or to
register for a program.
Summer Scripture Study:
A Quick Journey through the Bible
Explore the riches of God’s Word this
summer! Using the Bible Timeline
Program, you will discover an easy way to read
and better understand the Bible. This program is
perfect for those who’ve never done bible study
and would like to experience a taste of what it is
like—and a wonderful review for those who are
already involved in bible study! Summer keeps it
simple—only 4 sessions to attend, no homework
is required! This study will take place Monday—
Thursday, July 16-19 at either 9:30–11:30 AM
OR 7:00-9:00 PM. Materials needed: New
American Bible , Study guide [$20].
The Call of Christ
In the Gospel, Jesus calls all of us
to go “make disciples of all the
commanded you.” (MT 18:19-20)
What better way to do so than to
serve as a Catechist or Aide in our
Religious Formation program! All
adults are welcome to this ministry, whether
you have children in our RF program or not!
Come see if the Lord may be calling you to serve
in this way by attending our upcoming sessions
on the ministry of a catechist. These sessions are
held on Tuesdays, from 7-9 PM in the Peter and
Paul Room, as follows:
Getting Started as a Catechist: May 15
Roles of the Catechist: May 22
The Person of the Catechist: May 29
These sessions also count towards catechist
certification, for both new and current
catechists. Come experience the rich rewards of
bringing the Good News to our parish children!
For more information, please contact the
Religious Formation Office at 284-2929.
Exodus: Called to Freedom
9:30-11:00 AM or 7:30-9:00 PM
Last week we learned that when Moses left to
go up on the mountain to talk with God, the
people quickly resort to their old ways of idol
worship. While this was a major break in the
covenant, we see the love and mercy of God
who forgives the people and renews the
covenant. How comforting for us to know that
despite all our weaknesses and failures, God is
always ready to grant us his mercy and forgive
us as well. Please note: This Wednesday is our
last session on this bible study program.
Mom’s Bible Study Playgroup
Our next session of our Mom’s Bible Study will
be THURSDAY, May 31st, at 9:30 AM in the Peter
& Paul Room—new members are welcome!
Lighthouse Catholic Media
Inspirational Catholic CDs and books from
Lighthouse Catholic Media provide the
opportunity to learn more about our Catholic
Faith from your home or car! May is the month
of Mary--the perfect time to listen to the CDs,
“The Virgin Mary Revealed through Scripture”
and “Praying the Rosary like Never Before!” ($3
for a CD].
Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults [RCIA]
Have you been considering the
possibility of becoming a member
of the Catholic Church? The Rite
of Christian Initiation of Adults
(RCIA) is the way in which adults
are prepared to become fully
active, participating members of the Catholic
Specifically, non-Catholic Christians
and Catholics who are only baptized are
prepared for Confirmation and first Eucharist
and non-Christian adults are prepared for
Baptism, Confirmation and first Eucharist.
We now extend an invitation to “Come
and see” to anyone who might be searching or
discerning if the Catholic Faith is a way to
commit more deeply to the call of Jesus. Be
assured that now is the time to listen, to share
and to be open to the Spirit of God.
Commitment to the process may follow in the
months ahead. If you would like to find out
more about the RCIA process, please contact
or Adult Catholics needing
Confirmation should also contact Diane.
SEAS Tweens…and Friends
SEAS Ministry News
Respect for Life
During this beautiful month of May, please pray
the rosary often, asking for the intercession of
our Blessed Mother, Mary. We pray for all those
who are struggling with critical life issues and
ask for her compassionate plea to our heavenly
Father to guide us all with His love.
Spiritual Adoption: Month Six Developing Baby
Your spiritually-adopted baby is growing
beautifully now. Her weight is approaching two
pounds. Babies that are born prematurely at
this time have a very good chance of surviving.
The medical advances in caring for extremely
small newborn infants are extraordinary indeed!
2012 Vacation Bible School
Sky - Everything is Possible with God
The next adult volunteer meeting will be on
Wednesday, May 16 at 7:00 in the Peter & Paul
This summer have your
kids join us as they learn,
the SKY is the limit when
it comes to God. SKY is
filled with incredible Bible
learning experiences kids
see, touch, hear and even
taste that help faith flow
into real life. VBS will take place June 25
through June 29, from 9:30am-12:30 pm for
kids age 4 through 5th grade. The cost for those
in the camp is only $50 per child for the entire
week (maximum of $125 per family). Register
before June 4 to get a discount—pay only $45
per child! There are many service opportunities
for 6th/7th graders, Confirmation candidates as
well as our high school Teen Group.
Registration has begun! Registration forms are
available in the narthex as well as online at If
you have any questions, please contact Marissa
Sias at or Marian
Wasitowski at
We hope to give something back to all of the
youths who help with providing service to our
parish and our parish community – look for
updates regarding how to track your service to
earn an award.
Upcoming Events
Sunday, May 20
Blessing of Blankets made
with the Women’s Spirituality
Group at 11:30am Mass.
At a date TBD in June, we will
attach labels and decorative
crosses to the blankets.
Thursday, May 31 4:00-6:00 pm
A few of the lovely women
from the Women’s Spirituality
Group (WSG) have offered to
give us a rosary bead-making
meeting with the WSG in the
fall. We hope you can make
it. Please RSVP!
Sunday, July 22
End of year Tween Ministry
picnic. More detail will be
provided in the near future.
Activities to be scheduled in July/August
- Camel Beach – Camelback, PA
- Music in the Park – Duke Island Park, NJ
- Movie – somewhere local
- Tubing / Canoeing down the North Branch
of the Raritan River
at if you would like to
be added to the Tween Ministry distribution list.
Prayer Shawl Ministry
All Knitters and Crocheters: The
next meeting of the Prayer Shawl
Ministry will be held Thursday,
June 14. We meet in the adult
conference room in the morning
from 10am-12 noon and in the evening 7:008:30pm. Come to whichever meeting fits your
schedule. All are welcome whether you are
novice or veteran. For more information, please
call Judy Herdman 782- 7973.
Women’s Spirituality Group
The Great Expectations Luncheon, WSG usually
attends in June has been moved to a new
location and will be held in the fall. More
information will be provided when available.
Teen Ministry
Big things are happening in Teen Ministry!!!
May 20
June 2/3 Box City Event at Hunterdon Central –
sleep in a box to raise money to bring
an end to homelessness in Hunterdon
End of the Year Picnic!
Interested in joining us? Come to our meeting –
Stop by the RF office and talk to Lynnsey – or
email All current high
school students or those entering high school in
September are welcome! Current members:
please check your email for information
concerning these events!
Teen Ministry is participating in the 2nd Annual
BOX CITY. What is BOX CITY? It is an event
organized to raise awareness to homelessness
in Hunterdon County. Participants will spend
the night sleeping under the stars in boxes on
the Hunterdon Central campus. WE NEED YOUR
HELP. Teen Ministry is looking for sponsors for
our team for BOX CITY. Each “citizen” is asked to
collect pledges. Want to pledge? Email Lynnsey
Nodes at or talk to any
Teen Ministry member. Are you a High Schooler
who wants to participate? Email Lynnsey and let
her know. All are welcome!
Other SEAS Information
SEAS Blood Drive
Sunday, May 20
SEAS blood drive will be next
Sunday, May 20 from 8:30 am until
2:30 pm. Sign up forms are available
this weekend in the narthex. Please
consider sharing the Gift of Life!
Confirmation Candidates: Service time available
please contact Susan Mania at 908-303-8614.
SEAS Annual Craft/Vendor Show
November 3 & 4
Our 4 Annual Craft/Vendor Show will be held
Sat, Nov 3 & Sun, Nov 4. To ensure our
continued success, we need your support.
Please consider joining our committee,
volunteering the day of the show, or making a
donation to our basket raffle. Donations may
include gift cards, new electronics or a monetary
gift. Any amount is appreciated! Get together
with friends and plan something as a group!
You can also solicit your favorite business for a
donation, i.e., restaurant, nail salon, etc.
Donation letters are available in the office. For
more information email:
Attention Woodworkers and Craftsmen/women
SEAS has a few special projects for those with
the know-how, some of which are:
- crafting 12 wooden bulletin holders / 6
Catholic Spirit holders / 6 envelope holders to
match our woodwork
- creating sturdy shelves in some closets
- re-hang and secure the old kitchen cabinets
Share your gift of time and talent; the parish will
purchase all supplies. Ladies: a great way to get
the guys out of your hair! Contact the parish
office for details.
Around the Diocese
Open House - Immaculate Conception School
Somerville, NJ
Teaching the Catholic faith is the central mission
of Immaculate Conception School, Somerville, a
parish elementary school serving students in
grades Pre-K (age 4) through 8. ICS provides a
Christ-centered education that fosters creativity
and responsibility and encourages students to
be the very best they can be. We offer full-day
Pre-K and Kindergarten classes, a challenging
requirements prescribed by the State of New
Jersey, and a wide range of extra-curricular
If you are interested in learning more about
Immaculate Conception School, we invite you to
visit on Thursday, May 24. Tours will be given
between the hours of 9–11AM and information
regarding registration for September 2012
enrollment will be available.
For more information, visit our web site at or call the school office at
St. Ann‘s, Raritan, NJ
107th Annual Festa
Mark your calendars for June 12 to 16! St. Ann
Parish will hold its 107th Annual FESTA on the
parish grounds in Raritan. Known for great
homemade food prepared on premises daily,
including its famous pizzelles, the FESTA
promises the traditional carnival games, wheels
of chance, live music and inflatable rides – fun
for all ages. Have dinner with us! Your mouth
will water over the delicious menu choices. In
addition to the traditional Italian choices of
sausage and pepper, eggplant parm, and
meatballs sandwiches, try our steamed clams
and corn on the cob or an old-fashioned hot
dog or hamburger. Check out our new item Tacos - and don't miss Pasta é Fagioli on Friday
night! Festivities kick off Tuesday, June 12 at
6:00pm and continue nightly through Saturday,
June 16. Discounted pre-event Food & Ride
tickets will be available soon.
For further
information call Josie: 908-725-4369 or Donna
at the Parish Office: 908-725-1008.
Immaculate Conception Parish
Annandale, NJ
Immaculate Conception Parish will host its
Eleventh Annual Parish Festival from June 20
through June 24, rain or shine. This year’s
event will once again feature: rides, carnival
games, a great assortment of delicious food,
nightly entertainment, two nights of fireworks,
a tricky tray, 50/50 raffles and much more! We
will also have our very popular Super 50/50
Raffle where the winners are recipients of a
percentage of the net proceeds.
Once again discounted pre-sale ride tickets will
be offered to the general public. These tickets
are available for $10 per sheet of 14, a savings
of $7.50!
For additional information or to purchase presale ride tickets, please call 908-735-7319 or the
Festival Hotline at 908-735-9564.
Catholic Charities
Children in Need of a Safe Place to Call Home
You Can Help heal a child’s trauma or prepare a
teenager for adulthood!
Catholic Charities
Treatment Family Homes Program is in need of
loving, stable, and professional families to care
for children of all ages. Training is provided and
the child’s expenses are reimbursed. Please
contact our Recruiter, Emily Yang at 732-8573787 or
for further
Flemington Food Pantry
On May 22 we will hold our annual Golf Outing,
details are available at
“Stock the Shelves, Stop the Hunger”
On June 7 we will hold a fund raiser at the New
Pantry Building. This will be the public’s first
look at the new building! Tickets for the fund
raiser are $75 per person.
Event booklet ads (full page) are $125.00
Bronze Sponsor $250 (2 tickets, full page ad)
Silver Sponsor $500 (4 tickets, full page ad, Shelf
Gold Sponsor $1,000 (8 tickets, full page ad,
Large Shelf sign)
Platinum Sponsor $2,500 (10 Tickets, Full page
ad, Banner at event)
May Needs List
We have clients who are living in a hotel/motel
with limited cooking available to them. Hence,
the following items would be very beneficial to
have available.
 Microwavable Meals
 Canned Protein (sardines, chicken, tuna,
ham, etc.)
To help fill shelves at the pantry, and benefit all
our clients, we are asking for the following
 Boxed Cereal and/or Oatmeal
 Pancake Mix and Syrup
 Peanut Butter and Jelly
 Canned White Potatoes
Again, we want to thank you for your continued
support and generosity. If there is someone you
know that might be interested in volunteering
at the pantry please call and leave a message,
908 788 5568. Thanks again, and enjoy the
beautiful May weather !
Caregiver Support Group
Sponsored by Hunterdon Healthcare
Are you caring for a loved one?
Do you feel stressed and overwhelmed?
Is it difficult to find down-time to take care of
If you’ve answered yes to any of these
questions, you are not alone! Being a caregiver
for a loved one can be a difficult task, but you
don’t have to go at it alone. This Caregiver
Support Group is designed to provide necessary
support to help make caregiving a more positive
experience for both you and your loved one.
The ongoing meetings are held at the
Independence Manor every third Wednesday of
the month. The next meeting is:
Wednesday, May 16
5:30 – 7:30 pm
Independence Manor, lower level
If you have any questions, please contact Jessica
Pellicano, Caregiver Initiative Therapist, at 908788-6401 ext.3149. If you would like to attend
this group, but are unable to make this
time/location, please call so I can work to better
accommodate your needs.
This group is voluntary and all information
discussed in confidential.
+ + + Stewardship + + +
Stewardship Covenant
As Christian stewards, we are committed to
discipleship as active members of our faith
community. We reaffirm our covenant with the
following promises:
To worship at Sunday Mass
To deepen our faith through prayer and
religious formation
To pray together and share our talents with
our parish family and with other beyond
To support parish ministries
sacrificial and proportional giving
Schedule of Support Groups
Daytime Groups
Caregiver Group
Dementia Caregivers Group
Caregiver Education
Parkinson’s Group
1st & 3rd Thursdays
2nd Tuesday
3rd Friday
4th Friday
Evening Groups
Alzheimers Group
After-Caregiving Support
Caregivers Group
2nd Wednesday
2nd Thursday
3rd Wednesday
1. Peace starts with a smile.
For location and times information, please
contact Jessica Pellicano at 908-788-6401
One Liners
2. God doesn’t call the qualified, He qualifies
the called.
3. God promises a safe landing, not a calm
4. You can tell how big a person is by what it
takes to discourage him.
5. If God is your co-pilot…swap seats!