DOC01 Al Capone

Rétro = image des incorruptibles.
on the top of
At the bottom of
In the foreground
In the background
*Well-dressed: bien habillé
Gloomy: sombre
*Panama : chapeau de la Havane
*Small brims : petits bords
*Mobster: member du milieu, truand
*The Underworld : le milieu de la pègre
*Rifle : carabine
*Submachine gun : mitraillette
*Stetson : chapeau texan
*Beret : idem
*To aim at : viser …
*Suit: costume
*A suit and tie: un costume-cravate
Listen carefully to my story
( à droite )
( à gauche )
Today we’re going to speak about Chicago and Prohibition.
The action took place in Chicago, in the USA, in the beginning
of the 20th century, some 8O years ago. In 1919 the Congress
adopted the 18th amendment which made alcohol illegal; it
prohibited alcohol. Nobody could sell drinks having more than 0.5
% of alcohol. The consumption was regulated. So it opened the
way to clandestine trade, to trafficking of alcohol. And gangsters
started the distillation and sale of illegal alcohol. To dominate the
trade gangsters or mobsters fought mercilessly. There were tit-fortat murders and gangland killing every week.
To fight gangsters the government created a very special squad.
They were called “The Untouchables” and their leader was Eliot
Ness. They battled the underworld, the Mafia. Their most famous
enemy’s name was Al Capone.
He was born in 1899. His nickname was “Scarface” because at
the age of 16, a barber had cut his cheek with a knife in a fight.
During the prohibition years he became the leader of the
underworld and the public enemy number one. He was the king of
bootlegging and he was known for his violent behaviour.
With the 20th amendment in 1933, the dark era ended. Eliot Ness
managed to arrest Al Capone and to send him to Alcatraz. He died
at the age of 48 in his palace. Nowadays he is still considered as a
myth: one of the most famous gangsters in the world.
Years ago: il y a des années
To prohibit: interdire, prohiber
Consumption: consommation
Mobster: truand, ganster
Mercy: pitié
Merciless: sans pitié
Mercilessly: avec aucune pitié
Tit-for-tat: un prêté pour un rendu
Tit-for-tat murder : représaille
Gangland killing: réglement de comptes
To fight: combattre
Squad: escouade
The underworld: le milieu, la pègre
Nickname: surnom
To bootleg: faire de la contrebande d’alcool
Behaviour : comportement
Now answer the following questions:
( au centre )
1.Where did the story take place?
The story took place
in Chicago
in the beginning of…
2.When did the story take place?
3.What did the 18th amendment do?
4.Who was Al Capone?
A.C was a gangster.
5.What was his nickname?
His nickname was…
6. Who were “The Untouchables”?
They were a squad.
7. What finally happened to Al Capone?
Texte + feuille de comprehension + liste verbes irréguliers.
Eliot Ness arrested
him. He went to