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Tes Potensi Akademik Kelas RSBI SMA N 1 Karanganyar, 1 Juli 2008
Petunjuk : Pilih jawaban yang paling tepat dengan cara menyilang ( X ) pada
lembar jawaban yang telah disediakan!
1. Pembangunan sebuah gedung direncanakan selesai dalam waktu 22 hari bila dikerjakan oleh
20 orang. Setelah dikerjakan 10 hari, pekerjaan dihentikan selama 6 hari. Supaya
pembangunan itu selesai tepat pada waktunya maka diperlukan tambahan pekerja sebanyak
a. 40 orang
b. 30 orang
c. 25 orang
d. 20 orang
2. Panjang jarum panjang sebuah jam adalah 14 cm. Bila jarum jam tersebut berputar selama 6
jam, panjang lintasan yang dilalui ujung jarum panjang jam itu adalah … .
a. 264 cm
b. 528 cm
c. 576 cm
d. 612 cm
3. Sebuah tempat air berbentuk setengah bola yang panjang jari-jarinya adalah 30 cm penuh
berisi air. Seluruh air dalam bola dituangkan kedalam wadah berbentuk tabung yang panjang
jari-jari alasnya sama dengan jari- jari bola tersebut Tinggi air pada wadah yang berbentuk
tabung adalah … .
a. 13,3 cm
b. 20 cm
c. 26,7 cm
d. 40 cm
4. Dengan mengendarai sepeda motor, Tono berangkat dari kota A menuju kota B pada pukul
10.30 dengan kecepatan rata-rata 60 km/jam. Pada saat yang sama Amir mengendarai sebuah
mobil dari kota B ke kota A dengan kecepatan rata-rata 80 km/jam. Jika jarak kedua kota
tersebut 560 km, maka mereka akan bertemu pada pukul … .
a. 13.00
b. 13.30
c. 14.00
d. 14.30
5. Perhatikan gambar berikut :
Panjang PQ = 20 cm, AB = 25 cm dan AP = 9 cm. Perbandingan luas lingkaran berpusat di A
dan luas lingkaran berpusat di B adalah … .
a. 3 : 2
b. 5 : 3
c. 9 : 4
Tes Potensi Akademik Kelas RSBI SMA N 1 Karanganyar, 1 Juli 2008
d. 9 : 7
6. Suatu persegi panjang ABCD panjangnya (3x + 2) cm, lebarnya (2x +3) cm dan luasnya 300
cm2. Panjang diagonal AC adalah ….
a. 25 cm
b. 24 cm
c. 20 cm
d. 15 cm
7. Dari 40 siswa di suatu kelas terdapat 22 orang yang menyukai basket, 9 orang menyukai
basket dan volly, 7 orang tidak menyukai basket maupun volly. Banyaknya siswa yang hanya
menyukai volly saja adalah … .
a. 2 orang
b. 5 orang
c. 11 orang
d. 20 orang
8. Di toko alat tulis Tuti membeli 2 pensil dan 3 buku tulis seharga Rp. 15.500,00. Di toko yang
sama Lina membeli 4 pensil dan 1 buku tulis seharga Rp. 13.500,00. Bila putri membeli 1
pensil dan 2 buku tulis di toko tersebut, maka Putri harus membayar sebesar … .
a. Rp. 6.000,00
b. Rp. 7.000,00
c. Rp. 8.500,00
d. Rp. 9.500,00
9. Diketahui log 2 = 0,301 , log 3 = 0,477 dan log 7 = 0,845. Nilai log
a. 0,067
b. 0,143
c. 0,234
d. 0,410
10. Sebuah kebun berbentuk persegi panjang mempunayi keliling 46 m. Jika luas kebun tersebut
120 m2, selisih antara panjang dan lebarnya adalah … .
a. 6 m
b. 7 m
c. 8 m
d. 9 m
For questions 11 to 33 choose the best words to complete the text.
A tiger once caught a fox while hunting for food. The fox was very blod. “ I am the king of the
forest”, he said. But the tiger grew…(11) and said that he would eat the fox at once. “ If you
don”t believe me, come for a walk with me,” answered the fox quite calmly. “ You”ll soon see
whether all the other animals are afraid of me or not”. The tiger agreedto go with the fox … (12)
all the animals saw them coming… (13) ran away as fast as they could. The tiger never found out
that the animals were really frightened of him and not the fox.
11. a. very strong
b. quite friendly
c. very angry
d. rather sad
12. a. if
b. so
c when
d. because
13. a. he
b. it
Tes Potensi Akademik Kelas RSBI SMA N 1 Karanganyar, 1 Juli 2008
c. she
d. they
For questions 14 to 15 choose the best words which is the most similar in the meaning to the
underlined word.
I can not live without my pets. My dog is terrific (14) and my cats are too. Everybody knows that
dogs and cats are enemies, but my pets can live together peacefully. There were three cats and
one dog. They slept and played together just like old mates (15). Now pretty , one of my kittens,
has gone. I’ve lost her somewhere. I hope I can find her again.
14. a. loyal
b. clumsy
c. great
d. harmful
15. a. couples
b. friends
c. animals
d. pets
Bacaan untuk soal nomer 16 sampai dengan 19.
The Manager
PT. Garuda Indonesia
Jl. Merdeka 54
July 12, 2002
Dear Sir,
I am one of the customers of your flight company. Through this letter,I would like to tell
you something. This is about the services of your company.
Last Monday,I flew to Medan on the flight number GA 116.On the schedule board, it is
stated that the lane would depart at 7.00 a.m. But in fact,I had to wait for an hour before
taking off.It has happened many times;because of that I was late to attend an important
meeting at my office in Medan.
You have to pay deeply attention to my letter. Do your best for your customers. I am sure
that you realize how important the customers are for your company.I do hope that you
will consider this letter.
Yours faithfully,
16. What is the letter about?
a. complaining about the service.
b. informing about the meeting.
c. replaying the complaint.
d. asking for information.
17. Why was the writer late for the meeting ?
a. the flight to Medan was delayed.
b. he didn’t knows the time.
c. he attend another activity.
d. he forgot the flight schedule.
18. Which is NOT TRUE about the writer according to the letter?
a. his office is in Medan
b. he wrote a letter to the manager
c. he didn’t feel disappointed with the service
d. he realizes how important the customers are
19. The letter tells us that the writer….
a. was happy with the service
Tes Potensi Akademik Kelas RSBI SMA N 1 Karanganyar, 1 Juli 2008
b. attracts the manager’s attention
c. didn’t like the costumers
d. used garuda to Medan many times
Bacaan untuk soal nomor 20 dan 21
Andi : I’m sorry to bother you,but may I read your newspaper?
Pedro : Certainly,please do.Here you are.
Andi : Thank you.By the way do you buy it everyday?
Pedro : No,I…(20)to it.I can save 35%
Andi : What about the magazine?I mean what magazine do you read?
Pedro : Film magazine,it is …(21)weekly.
20. a. subscribe
b. describe
c. borrow
d. announce
21. a. bought
b. published
c. promoted
d. programmed
22. Yuni : Will you come to the meeting?
Bob : I don’t know.I can’t make up my mind. What’s the topic we’re going to talk
Yuni : Water supplies for our village.It’s interesting I think, isn’t it?
Bob : Okey then.I will come if it …..
a. doesn’t rain
b. didn’t rain
c. isn’t raining
d. hasn’t rained
Read the following text and answer questions 23 to 25.
The lamb and the wolf
One day the wolf was slaking his thirst at a stream when he chanced to see a lamb,also
drinking,at some distance down the stream.
Outraged,he growled,”You are muddying my drinking water,now I shall eat you”.
The lamb protested,”But,sir,how can I be muddying your drinking water?I am farther down
stream than you are.The water is flowing from your part of the stream to where I am.”
“Upstreamor downstream,your drinking is muddying my water,and I shall eat you.”So saying,the
wolf leaped upon the lamb and devoured him.
23. Where did the story happen?
a. on the river
b. in the forest
c. in the jungle
d. at the zoo
24. The following facts made the wolf get angry with the lamb,except….
a. the lamb muddied the water
b. the wolf wanted to eat the lamb
c. the lamb drank at the same stream
d. the lamb protested him
25. We can learn from the story that….
a. never drink the river water
b. never clean our body on the stream
c. The bad will always beat the good
d. the strong will always rule the weak
26. 1.An interesting program makes us keep watching it.
2. They are music,film,sports,news, and many others.
3.We can choose as we wish.
Tes Potensi Akademik Kelas RSBI SMA N 1 Karanganyar, 1 Juli 2008
4. There are a lot of TV programs we can enjoy.
The best arrangement of the above sentences to make a paragraph is….
a.4 – 3 – 2 – 1
b.4 – 2 – 3 – 1
c.1 – 2 – 4 - 3
d.1 – 2 – 3 – 4
For questions 27 and 28 choose the best word to complete the paragraph.
Here are some ….(27) on how to be successful English learner.First,don’t be…(28) of making
mistakes.Second,use every opportunity to practice your English.At last,be an optimistic person.
27. a. tips
b. clues
c. plans
d. rules
28. a. afraid
b. proud
c. brave
d. shy
For questions 29 and 30 choose the word which has the same meaning as the underlined words.
A hotel is the home of the guests and tourists,when they are away from home.The first
impression the guests have of a hotel is the way the doorman and the bellboy (29) at the door and
the clerks at the front desk greet them.The guests often form their opinion of the hotel by
reception they receive.The guests are usually happy if they feel welcome (30) and can get to their
rooms quickly.
29. The underlined word means a boy or a man who….
a. helps the guests in a hotel carry their bags
b. receives people arriving in a hotel
c. lets people in and out in a large building
d. goes with and serves or looks after another
30. The underlined word means….
a. responsible
b. capable
c. acceptable
d. available
31. Peristiwa dibawah ini yang sesuai dengan perpindahan kalor secara konduksi adalah…..
a. pancaran panas matahari sampai ke bumi
b. orang memanaskan tubuh di dekat tungku api
c. panci alumunium dipanaskan atas kompor api
d. air mendidih ketika dipanaskan
32. Sebuah mistar plastik yang telah di gosok dengan rambut bila didekatkan dengan sobekansobekan kertas akan menarik sobekan kertas tersebut,hal ini disebabkan….
a. mistar mendapat muatan positif dari rambut
b. rambut mendapat muatan negative dari mistar
c. mistar mendapat muatan negative dari rambut
d. muatan negative kertas berpindah ke mistar
33. Sebuah kompor listrik hambatannya 800 Ohm di pasang pada tegangan listrik 200 volt selama
1 jam.Besarnya energi listrik yang di pakai adalah… .
a. 180 kj
b. 16 kj
c. 14.400j
d. 5.760j
Tes Potensi Akademik Kelas RSBI SMA N 1 Karanganyar, 1 Juli 2008
34. Perhatikan gambar berikut :
Rp pada rangkaian campuran diatas adalah … .
a. 8 ohm
b. 1/8 ohm
c. 1 ohm
d. 7 ohm
35. Perubahan energi yang terjadi pada alat pengering rambut (hair dryer) adalah….
a. energi listrik menjadi energi kimia
b. energi listrik menjadi energi kalor
c. energi kimia menjadi energi listrik
d. energi kalor menjadi energi listrik
36. Tumbuhan paku digolongkan ke dalam tumbuhan berpembuluh karena….
a. memiliki spora
b. memiliki biji
c. memiliki klorofil
d. memiliki floem dan xilem
37. Proses pengangkutan pada tumbuhan biji dilakukan oleh pembuluh floem dan xilem.Fungsi
pembuluh floem adalah….
a. mengangkut air dan garam mineral dari akar menuju daun
b. mengangkut oksigen dari stomata menuju seluruh bagian tubuh
c. mengangkut hasil fotosintesis dari daun menuju seluruh tubuh
d. mengangkut air dan garam mineral dari daun keseluruh tubuh
38. Bangau mempunyai kaki yang berselaput karena hidup di daerah rawa.Hal ini menunjukkan
a. morfologi
b. fisiologi
c. tingkah laku
d. lingkungan
39. Pada kelinci rambut hitam(HH)dominan terhadap rambut putih(hh)rambut kasar
(RR)dominan terhadap rambut halus (rr).Seekor kelinci berambut hitam kasar dikawinkan
dengan kelinci berambut putih halus.Semua keturunan pertamanya (F1)berambut hitam
kasar,jika keturan pertama dikawinkan sesamanya,perbandingan fenotipe kelinci hitam
kasar:hitam halus:putih kasar:putih halus yang dihasilkan F2 adalah….
a. 9 : 3 : 3 : 1
b. 9 : 6 : 1
c. 12 : 3 : 1
d. 18 : 1
40. Uji bahan makanan setelah ditetesi dengan larutan biuret menghasilkan warna ungu.Hal ini
menunjukkan bahwa makanan tersebut mengandung…..
a. protein
b. amilum
c. glukosa
d. lemak
Tes Potensi Akademik Kelas RSBI SMA N 1 Karanganyar, 1 Juli 2008
Tes Potensi Akademik Kelas RSBI SMA N 1 Karanganyar, 1 Juli 2008