Lab: Investigating Cell Variety

Lab: Investigating Cell Variety
Set up: Set up and label the next 8 pages of your journal as follows.
Page 1
Name of lab (centered)
Your name
Purpose, materials, procedure (see below)
Page 2
Elodea drawing and answers to questions 1 and 2
Page 3
Onion skin drawing and answers to questions 3 and 4
Page 4
Human skin cell drawing
Page 5
Amoeba drawing and answer to question 5
Page 6
Answers questions 6-9
Page 7
Generalized plant drawings
Page 8
Generalized animal cell
Class Copy Only!
Page 1
Cell Variety Lab
LJ Grant & ________
Period 1-4
Purpose: Identify and label cell parts in diagrams of plant and animal cells.
List each cell part’s function
Describe characteristics that distinguish plant cells from animal cells
 1 Microscope
 1 Elodea leaf
 Onion skin
 Cheek cells
 1 Microscope slide
 1 Cover slip
 1 Prepared Amoeba slide
 Water and eye dropper
 Iodine
 Safety Goggles
1. Make a wet mount slide of elodea. Find a layer of large cells on high power. Identify the parts and answer
questions located in the lab guide.
2. Prepare a wet mount slide of the onion skin. Stain it with iodine. Examine cells under low, medium and high
power. Draw and label 3 onion cells on high power (put them all on the same page) and answer the questions.
3. Make a wet mount slide of your cheek cells. Scrape the inside of your cheek with a toothpick and add a drop of
iodine before adding the cover slip. On high power draw and label three cheek cells and answer the questions.
4. Obtain a prepared amoeba slide. On high power draw and label 2 amoeba cells and answer the questions.
5. Complete the questions at the end of the lab guide and draw a generalized plant and animal cell.