WWI Notes - U.S. entry

WWI Notes – U.S. Involvement
1914- April 1917 President Wilson proclaimed the U.S. would remain neutral in
the war.
U.S. traded supplies to both the Allies (Great Britain and France and the Central
Powers (Germany and Austria-Hungary)
Great Britain began to seize U.S. ships bound for Germany and German U-boats
began to sink U.S. ships bound for Great Britain. Great Britain had a naval
blockade around German ports.
German U-boats sink the Lusitania and Sussex leading to the Sussex Pledge from
Germany. Germany breaks pledge and begins unrestricted U-boat attacks on
American ships
President Wilson authorizes huge loans to the allies and begins to prepare for war.
Zimmerman Note – secret message sent to Mexico from Germany encouraging
Mexico to declare war on the U.S.
Russian Revolution- Lenin seizes control of the Czarist government in Russia and
creates a communist state. Russia makes a separate peace treaty with Germany
and pulls out of the war.
April 1917, President Wilson asks Congress for a declaration of war against
Germany. “A war to make the world safe for democracy.”
Selective Service Act – 3 million men drafted into the military
General John J. Pershing put in charge of the American Expeditionary Force
(AEF) sent to Europe to fight against Germany