Tech Theatre Crossword Puzzle

1 To slant or set at an angle.
2- An order for actors and crew
to get in their positions.
3 A frame built inside the
proscenium to reduce the size of
the stage opening.
4 To raise or lower scenery.
5 A drop that has its lowermiddle section removed so that
the drop will mask only the top
and sides of the stage.
6 Individual pieces of scenery,
such as trees, rocks, and walls,
that stand by themselves.
10 A thickness piece placed in
door, window, and arch openings
to give the illusion of the third
dimension to walls.
11 That part of the stage--left,
right, and rear--that is not seen
by the audience; also the dressing
rooms, greenroom, prop room,
shops, and storage areas.
15 A backstage lounge used as a
reception or waiting room for the
17 A drop, usually seamless,
made of special fabric that seems
almost opaque when lit from the
front and semitransparent when
lit from behind.
18 A drawing of the overhead
view of a set showing the exact
location of all entrances, walls
and furniture.
21 To hinge two or three flats
together so that they will stand
free or fold up.
22 A stage curtain upstage of the
act curtain that opens to the right
and left rather than moving up
and down.
5 A term applied to such parts of the set as doors and windows that must open and shut during the action, a rock that- can bear a person's weight, and lamps that. can be
turned on.
7 A system of lines and weights that gives mechanical advantage to the raising and lowering of scenery.
8 The part of the auditorium where the orchestra may be located--often an area below floor level.
9 A two-dimensional piece of scenery, such as a hedge or bush.
12 A head-on view of a set having the illusion of depth.
13 The curtain, hung just upstage of the proscenium, that opens or closes each act or scene.
14 Pieces of cloth, usually hung in pairs, stage left and stage right, to mask the backstage area.
16 The arch or frame enclosing the visible stage, the opening between the stage and the auditorium.
19 A curtain at the top of the proscenium, usually made of the same material as the- act curtain, used to lower the height of the stage.
20 The area above the stage in which scenery is. hung.
22 Side pieces--flats or drops--just back of the proscenium used to narrow the opening.
23 An adjustable, polelike support for flats.
24 A large piece of cloth upon which scenery is painted, fastened at top and bottom to battens, and hung at the back of the stage setting.
25 An eye-level-view drawing showing the flats arranged in a continuous row to be used in a set.
26 A short curtain hung across the stage above the acting area to mask the overhead lights from the audience; also refers to overhead strip lights.