Responding to the Challenge - Nevada Library Association

2009 Annual Nevada Library Association Conference
Laura Oki, Conference Chairperson
We, the Nevada Library Association Conference Committee, are excited to be hosting the
NLA Annual Conference in Elko. The committee has been working really hard to put
together a great Conference for all who attend. A Continental breakfast will be held on
Thursday and Friday mornings in the Exhibit area which will allow everyone an
opportunity to mingle with the many vendors that support the Nevada Library Association.
The President’s Dinner and Awards Night will be held at the Red Lion Club Max
Showroom and will be a fun time for all.
There are many great programs scheduled throughout the conference. Some of the
presenters that will be at the conference are:
ick Arnette is an entertaining speaker
who specializes in the importance of
humor in the workplace and everyday life.
Mr. Arnette will deliver a motivating
presentation on Responding to the
Challenge.” “Laughing is good for us,” says
Nick, “It increases productivity, brings
people together and helps us deal with our
problems. A sense of humor is no longer a
desired trait in the business world – it is a
required trait!” Mr. Arnette is a touring
comedian, speaker and comedy writer. He
has worked with such comedy greats as Jay
Leno and Jerry Seinfeld. Nick Arnette is
also the author of “The Book of Dude.”
The Hollywood Librarian:
A Look at Librarians Through Film
Will be showing throughout the Nevada
Library Association Conference!
essamyn West describes herself as a
sometimes librarian (for a small, rural
library in Vermont), sometimes writer,
sometimes blogger, and sometimes technology
instructor/consultant. She is the writer/editor of, a current events weblog of librarian
culture. Some of her achievements include being
elected to ALA Council as an At Large
Councelor, 2003-2006. She also designs small
websites and blogs; she is a member of the
Vermont Library Association, and has been a
member of the American Library Association,
1993 -1999 and 2002 – 2007.
President’s Dinner & Awards with
comedian Nick Arnette and music by
Audio Aces DJ
ose Aponte is currently the Director of the
San Diego County Library, which includes
32 branches as well as 2 mobile libraries.
Throughout his career he has been honored with
many achievements including 2004 Trejo
Librarian of the Year Award by REFORMA,
being appointed to the Laura Bush Foundation
for America’s Libraries as well as being
appointed Commissioner on the U.S National
Commission on Libraries and Information
Science. He has served as a Public Library
Director in Florida, Colorado, as well as
California, where his knack for being a
community outreach leader led to his working
closely with not only the Marine Corps Base in
Camp Pendleton but also being chosen to serve
as Deputy City Manager of Neighborhood and
Community Services for Oceanside, California.
Mr. Aponte is not only a leader in the world of
librarians; he is also a strategic organizer who
has a history of working with community
members as well as staff in order to achieve
common goals.
elli Ham has been the Consumer
Health Coordinator for the National
Network of Libraries of Medicine, Pacific
Southwest Region, based at the UCLA
Biomedical Library. She plans and
coordinates consumer health programs and
activities for libraries and community-based
organizations that provide health
information services to the public.
Additionally, Kelli develops training
materials and provides instructional sessions
for library staff throughout the region. She
has over fourteen years of experience
working in corporate, public and biomedical
libraries. Kelli has a BA degree in
Linguistics from UC Davis, and earned her
MLIS degree from UCLA.
Meet the authors at the
Nevada Young Readers’ Award
Saturday, October 10, 2009
Special thanks to all those who so willingly helped with the conference!
NLA President
Jeanette Hammons - [email protected]
Conference Chair
Laura Oki - [email protected]
Athena Girard, [email protected]
Susan Roberts, [email protected]
Mildred Hart, [email protected]
Patrick Dunn, [email protected]
David Ellefsen, [email protected]
Eric Walsh, [email protected]
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