Chapter 1 - Daniela Sartori

Sexual Intelligence, Psychosocial
Cross-cultural perspectives (Islam, China, Judeo Christian Values)
Reflect in our own culture (Historic influence from middle ages, Victorian Era, 20th Century,
WWII in our sexuality today)
Sex for procreation legacy
Religious Influence in Human Sexuality
Male and female gender roles in different cultures
Media Influence in Human Sexuality
Sexology, Case study, survey, representative sample random sample, non response, selfselection, demographic bias, sociably desirable answers, experimental method, direct
observation, direct variable, indirect variable, Gender dysphoria, transgender, transsexual
3 Goals of sexology
Advantages and disadvantages of: case study, survey, direct observation, and experimental
Overview of the Kinsey reports
Overview of the National Health and Social Life Survey
Advantages of technology (vaginal myographs, penile strain gauge)
Funding of research – federal money for sexual research
Is there equal representation of all ethnic groups and gender in human sexuality research?
Sex, gender, gender identity, gender role, sperm, egg, autosomes, sex chromosomes. Testes,
ovaries, intersexed, true hermaphrodites, pseudo hermaphrodites. Androgyny
hormone roles in the biological process of gender identity (1st trimester external genitalia
differentiation, 3rd trimester brain differentiation).
Chromosomal sex
Gonodal Sex
Analogy of male and female external genitalia
Chromossomic disorders (Klinefelter and Turner)
Disorders of the Pre-Natal Hormonal Process: Androgen Insensitivity Syndrome, Fetally
Androgenized Females, DHT-Deficient Males.
Outcome of gender assignment for intersexual babies (Should doctors/parents assign a sex to an
intersex baby?)
Age of gender identity development
Gender identity formation and social learning
Disorders of 3rd trimester Brain differentiation – transsexualism, gender dysphoria.
Sex reassignment in adults
Difference between gender identity and gender orientation
Gender roles expectations and their impact in our sexuality.
Vulva, clitoris, shaft, crura, smegma, cavernous body, prepuce, labia minora, labia majora,
vestibule, urethra, perineum, vestibular bulbs, Bartholin’s glands, Kegel exercises, vagina,
cervix, Os, uterus, fallopian tubes Fimbriae, ectopic pregnancy, ovaries, ovulation, menstruation,
Menarche, menstrual synchrony, FSH, LH, follicle, corpus luteum douching, PMS,
Dysmenorrheal, Endometriosis, amenorrhea(primary and secondary) Toxic shock syndrome,
perimenopause, menopause, virginities, hysterectomy, oophorectomy, mammary glands,
cliterectomy, infibulation
External genitalia structures, Internal structures,
Vaginal lubrification
Fallopian tube infection and its consequences in ectopic pregnancy and female sterellity.
Interactions between pituitary (FSH, LH) and ovarian follicle/corpus luteum
(estrogen/progesterone) and uterine endometrium (look at picture hand out– negative feed back
Three phases of menstrual cycle
Vaginal infections – balance between Yeast (Candida albicans) and bacteria (Bacillus doderlein
- lactobacillus).
Female Genital Mutilation –
Penis, root, shaft, glans, corpora cavernosa ( cavernous body), corpus spogium Spongy body),
foreskin, corona, frenulum, scrotum, testis, spermatic cord, somniferous tubes, interstitial cells,
epididymis, vas deferens, vasectomy, ejactatory ducts, Urethra, seminal vesicules, prostrate
gland, cowper’s gland, semen, erection, ejaculation, urethral bulb, emission phase, expulsion
phase, retrograde ejaculation, circumcision, phimosis, urology, smegma, Cryptorchidism.
Function of the Dartos muscle – importance of keeping testis cool in fertility
Importance of Circumcision
Kegel exercises for men
Vasectomy effects in sexuality
Male menopause
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