Assessing Mission Statements

Worksheet - Assessing Mission Statements
The Ashridge Mission Model was devised by Campbell to help develop and evaluate the
effectiveness of a mission statement. The model is shown below and an example of how to apply it
follows. Have a look at the model and the example and then, from the list given, pick a few mission
statements and apply the model yourself.
Staff Values
Policies and Behaviours
Adapted from
Using English Heritage’s Mission Statement as an example, we will now assess it using the
Mission Statement: “To make sure that the historic environment of England is properly maintained
and cared for. By employing some of the country's very best architects, archaeologists and
historians, we aim to help people understand and appreciate why the historic buildings and
landscapes around them matter. From the first traces of civilisation, to the most significant buildings
of the 20th century, we want every important historic site to get the care and attention it deserves.”
Purpose – does it say why the organisation exists?
Yes, it clearly identifies that its role is to ensure the historic environment of England is preserved.
Company Values – does it convey what the company believes in?
As well as through the overall meaning of the statement itself, use of words such as “properly; care
and attention; appreciate; deserves”, conveys English Heritage’s values clearly. The educational
aspect of their work is also manifest.
Employee Values – are their personal values expressed?
There is no direct mention of the employees, however the values conveyed in the statement allude
to their shared status.
Policies and Behaviours – are the standards and behaviours which underpin the value
system evident?
Standards are conveyed through the use of words such as “very best, properly maintained”, whilst
policies such as educating the public whilst preserving heritage are most evident.
Strategy – does the statement give an impression of a distinctive competence or the
competitive position?
By making a commitment to achieving its goals by using the “very best architects, archaeologists
and historians”, a clear strategy is demonstrated.
Now, pick a few of the mission statements from the list below and assess them using the
Ashridge Mission Model as you have seen above.
Tussaud’s Group
Outward Bound Trust
The Football Association
Mission Statement
To provide our customers with safe,
good value, point to point air services.
To effect and to offer a consistent and
reliable product and fares appealing
to leisure and business markets on a
range of European routes. To achieve
this we will develop our people and
establish lasting relationships with our
sup pliers.
To establish (Starbucks) as the
premier purveyor of the finest coffee
in the world while maintaining our
uncompromising principles as we
To dazzle visitors with the most
captivating city centre attractions in
the world and the most diverse and
exciting portfolio of theme parks in
To enable people and businesses
throughout the world to realize their
full potential
Organize the world’s information and
make it universally accessible and
To inspire young people to fulfil their
potential through challenging outdoor
use the power of football to build a
better future
Sport England
Walt Disney Company
To be the UK’s best value retailer
exceeding customer’s needs –
Working with others to create
opportunities to get involved in sport,
to stay in sport and to excel and
succeed in sport at every level.
To be one of the world's leading
producers and providers of
entertainment and information. Using
our portfolio of brands to differentiate
our content, services and consumer
products, we seek to develop the
most creative, innovative and
profitable entertainment experiences
and related products in the world