The Great Gatsby: Vocabulary #1

Great Gatsby adjectives
1. supercilious: haughty; scornful; disdainful
2. languid: lacking energy or vitality; weak
3. peremptory: putting an end to all debate or action; not allowing contradiction or
4. boisterous: loud and noisy
5. devoid: completely lacking in or without something
6. fractious: inclined to make trouble; unruly; cranky
7. impetuous: characterized by sudden energy or action; impulsive
8. swank: very fashionable or elegant; grand; pretentious
9. vigilant: on the alert; watchful
10. transcendent: surpassing others of the same kind; pre-eminent
11. prodigal: recklessly wasteful; extravagant
12. tentative: uncertain; hesitant; of an experimental nature
13. sporadic: occurring at irregular intervals; having no pattern or order
14. punctilious: attentive to the finer points to etiquette and formal conduct; precise
15. ineffable: beyond expression; indescribable