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Dimming the Sun
1) How much has the earth warmed over the past century?
2) What does David Travis study?
3) How much did the average temperature range change in the 3 days after September 11?
4) What does Jerry Stanhill study?
5) How much of a drop in solar energy did scientists find in Israel? In Germany?
6) What was the average drop in solar energy between the 1950s and 1990s?
7) What is “Pan Evaporation Rate”?
8) What is the drop in pan evaporation rate over the past 30 years? Why is this number important?
9) Where did Ramanathan do his research? Why did he choose this place?
10) Why do particles in the air increase the albedo effect?
11) What does global dimming have to do with the Ethiopian famine?
12) What is the “catch” with global dimming?
13) Why was 9/11 an ideal time for Jerry Stanhill to do his work?
14) What might happen if we removed air pollutants globally?
15) How much extra energy is there across the globe due to greenhouse gases?
16) About how much is eliminated due to cooling?
17) When was the last time the earth was 3 degrees Celsius warmer? How much higher was sea level at that
18) Describe Peter Cox’s controversial model of Global Warming.
19) Why is there concern about the warming of the deep ocean?
20) What is the percent increase in CO2 emissions per year?
21) What solutions are presented at the end of the film?