Introduction to Transcendentalism

Introduction to Transcendentalism Worksheet
A Closer Look-- Transcendentalism: The Seekers
Please read pages 384-385, and answer the following questions:
1. Who or what is most important to the transcendentalists?
2. What had previously deemphasized the importance of the individual?
3. What are the two major transcendental books?
4. What was Emerson’s belief about the human mind?
5. Why was Emerson’s view of the individual so radical?
6. How did Emerson relate his intellectual beliefs with his religious beliefs?
7. What became a meeting point for followers of Emerson?
8. How did Emerson’s teaching impact American schools?
9. Who was Emerson’s most famous protégé? How did he put Emerson’s ideas into action?
10. What impact did Thoreau’s nonviolent protest have on the world?
11. How are transcendental ideas exemplified today?
Your Own Thoughts
Based on information gained from “The Seekers” and information you gather on your own,
please answer the following questions thoroughly and thoughtfully:
What does it mean to transcend?
What is transcendentalism?
Besides championing the individual, what other beliefs do transcendentalists have?
Generally, is being part of a group or being an individual more important to you? Explain.
Are there times when it is better to “fit in” rather than “stand out”? Explain.