Crossword Puzzle Rubric - Mrs. Curtis's Social Studies Classroom

Crossword Puzzle Rubric
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___Your crossword puzzle has a title that relates to the topic and your name is also
on the puzzle.
(10 Points)
___ 10 Clues: 5 across, 5 down (30 points)
___ Vocabulary terms must be from your book. (10 points)
___Vocabulary terms relate to your topic. (10 points)
___ Clues can be answered without looking them up or using a dictionary (5 points)
___Correct spelling! (5 points).
___ Answers to clues are correct (10 points)
___ You printed a copy of your cross puzzle (10 points)
___ You printed a copy of the answer key (10 points)
Total Possible Points: 100
Total Points Earned: _____________________________