Flash Card Instructions

AP Calculus
Derivative and Integration Formulas Flash Cards Assignment
Index Cards
Pen, Pencil, or Marker
Directions: You may choose to use a single index card for each formula or cut them into halves
or even fourths.
On one side of the card you will write out a differentiation or integration form that
we have studied. On the reverse side, you will write the answer to that problem.
Front of Card
Back of Card
 csc x cot x dx
 csc x  C
You may want to consider including BOTH the simple derivative and integration
formulas and their Chain Rule/General Power Rule counterparts.
Example: You can include this card…..
Front of Card
Back of Card
d [ln x]
…..and this card in your set.
Front of Card
d [ln u ]
Back of Card
There is no set number of cards that you are required to have, however based on all the formulas
that we have covered, I see everyone having a minimum of 20 (and usually MUCH more) when we
reach the end of Chapter 5.
Due Date: The day we take Unit 9 Exam
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