Revised Program1

UCI Labor Studies Program Presents
Reflections and Perspectives on Globalization and the
Condition of Labor
April 26 and 27, 2001
University of California, Irvine
Humanities Instructional Building 135
(Note: All panels will take place in Humanities Instructional Building 135)
April 26, Thursday:
1:00-1:15 HIB 135
Opening Remarks
Gilbert G. Gonzalez, Director, UCI Labor Studies Program
1. Globalization in Historical and Contemporary Perspectives
Chris Chase Dunn, Sociology, UCR
Dana Frank, American Studies, UCSC
Dave Smith, Sociology, UCI
Moderator: Sally Stein, Art History, UCI
2. Local Within the Global I
Edna Bonacich, Sociology, UCR
Miriam Wells, Human and Community Development, UCD
Eric Mann, Los Angeles Labor Center
Moderator: John Liu, Asian American Studies, UCI
3. Roundtable on the Proceedings
Nancy Naples, Sociology and Women’s Studies, UCI
Linda Vo, Asian American Studies, UCI
Dinner University Club (for participants only)
Friday, April 27
Continental Breakfast, 8:15-8:45 HIB 135
9:00-10-30 HIB 135
4. Local Within the Global II.
Ruth Milkman, Sociology, UCLA
Ed Soja, Urban Planning, UCLA
Hector Delgado, Sociology and Chicano Latino Studies, UCI
Gilda Ochoa, Sociology and Chicana/o Studies, Pomona College
5. Labor Migration and Free Trade
David Kyle, Sociology, UCR
Frank D. Bean, Sociology, UCI
Raul Fernandez, Chicano Latino Studies, UCI
Linda Vo, Asian American Studies, UCI
Lunch Break, 12:30-1:15
6. Free Trade, Production and Labor Processes
Amalia Cabezas, Women’s Studies, UCR
Ruth Wilson Gilmore, Geography, UCB
Judy Stepan Norris, Sociology, UCI
Moderator: Uptal Lahiri, Linguistics, UCI
7. The University, Education and the Global Economy
Peter McLaren, Education, UCLA
Theo Goldberg, Director, UC Humanities Research Institute
Lou Miron, Education, UCI
Moderator: Heidi Tinsman, History, UCI
8. Roundtable on the Conference Proceedings
Dorothy Fujita Rony, Asian American Studies, UCI
Gilbert Gonzalez, Chicano Latino Studies, UCI
Retire to the Anteater Pub
Funding provided by the UCI Office of Student Affairs, the Office of Graduate Studies
and Research and the School of Social Sciences made possible the hosting of the
For more information contact Gillian Kumm at [email protected] or Leslie Bunnage at
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