General Meeting Minutes Friday, 12th October 2012 Minutes of the

General Meeting Minutes
Friday, 12th October 2012
Minutes of the Apprenticeship & Traineeship TAFE Network (ATTN) meeting held at the
Victorian TAFE Association, Level 3, 478 Albert St, East Melbourne.
The Chair, Diana McGowan welcomed those present and opened the meeting at 10.00 am.
Linda Mason
Jim Box
Kym Anderson
Greg Pringle
Anita Voutier
Helen Poulos
Megan Flahavin
Trevor Munro
Carol Curnow
Geeta Jaswaal
Laura Byers
Jill Favero
Stuart Hall
Helen Byrne
Diana McGowan
Robert Wain
Patricia Thompson
Sarah McCormick
Jayne Stapleton
Carole MacPherson
Allyson Dovaston
John McLeod
Mark Arden
Liz Crawford
Pat Jackaman
Melanie McGrath
Bendigo Regional
Bendigo Regional
Box Hill Institute
Box Hill Institute
Chisholm Institute
Gordon TAFE
Kangan Institute
Uni Ballarat*
Victoria Univ
Guusta Westra
Clare Caldwell
Lesley Lee
Mike Callaghan
Malcolm Macpherson
Rowena Hamlett
Bill Mollison
Brain Goonan
Chris Arnold
Kevin Broomhall
Jeanette Roxburgh
Elise Toomey-Brown
Giorgina Gallagher
Trudy Cunningham
Laurel Petch
Nita Schultz
Chris Logue
Advance TAFE
Box Hill Institute
Chisholm Institute
Chisholm Institute
Chisholm Institute
Gordon TAFE
Kangan Institute
Uni Ballarat
Uni Ballarat
* denotes attendance by teleconference facility
That the minutes from the meeting held on the 10th August 2012 which were distributed to all members in their
papers prior to the meeting be approved.
Moved: Carolyn Curnow
Seconded: Carole Macpherson
a) Energy Safe Victoria discussed at April Meeting. HESG has been holding discussions
with ESV regarding completion process.
It was the recommendation of the ATTN members that it would be good practice to
have a standard letter to sign off which covers all components of training completion.
It was noted by HESG that for all Electrical apprentices, the completion process is as
per the service agreement and that once completed Higher Education and Skills would
forward a completion letter as per the normal apprenticeship process.
b) DIISRTE Update – Clarification around the use of Training Program in
documentation. This was tabled as part of DIISTRE update at October meeting.
HESG to conduct
discussions with
 The Secretary had received a memo from Service Skills Victoria discussing the
future of this organisation in light of the funding changes to Victorian ITABs. This
document was distributed to all members in attendance and a copy will be
forwarded with minutes.
Currently the Network has a Balance of $9900.11.
These funds will be utilised to
 pay for the Christmas Lunch on the 7th December;
 Contribute to the 2013 ATTN Conference;
 ATTN Teleconference Costs up to meeting of 12th October;
If members have any other suggestions for funds please advise the Treasurer.
The Treasurer now has developed an Invoice to assist with membership payments so
this will take effect for the 2013 membership renewals.
All lists circulated and updated by members
ATTN October
ATTN AAC Contact
Attendance List.pdf Listing October Meeting.pdf
October Meeting.pdf List October Meeting.pdf
DIISRTE UPDATE – Helen Poulos, Contract Manager
 The transfer of learner files from AACs not proceeding from July is now complete,
over 20,000 files across Victoria;
 There are still some enquiries relating to final payment claims, if a TAFE has an
issue you can continue to contact Helen and she will provide the new AAC details
who will be managing the contract;
 1st July new incentives guidelines came into effect (see link below)
Incentives July 2012pdf.pdf
 In relation to the question raised at the August Meeting regarding the use of
Training Program or Training Plan depending on the document, both wording
variations are correct and interchangeable, you may utilise either Training
Program or Training Plan.
Q. In regards to expired AAC ‘G Force’ it appears that some active files have not been
A. Please contact Helen and she will advise of the new managing AAC.
 Jill Favero wished to introduce Melanie McGrath who was a member of the
Apprentice & Trainee team at HESG.
 The Skills Victoria (now HESG) website will be merged into DEECD’s and the
current Approved Training Schemes will be uploaded once complete.
New website address:
 Jill provided some DEECD handouts relating to the Refocusing Vocational Training
and these will be forwarded to members with minutes and placed on website
under Resources.
 Question raised from HESG regarding notification by TAFEs when qualifications are
ceasing to be offered. The TAFEs update SVTS as directed under the Service
 Jill announced to the members that she will be leaving her role at HESG as of the
30th November. It was noted that the ATTN will miss Jill as she has been a member
since the very early days of the network and has always provided advice to
members. The ATTN wishes Jill all the best with her future endeavours and wish to
extend an invitation to her to join us at the Christmas lunch.
 Commencements are well below 2009 levels with no sign of immediate recovery;
 Traineeship numbers have also largely decreased recently; (not sure if it directly
correlates to the funding changes)
 On 1 October 2012 the VRQA assumed the regulatory functions for
apprenticeships and traineeships in Victoria. The Department of Education and
Early Childhood Development’s (DEECD) Higher Education and Skills Group (HESG)
will manage the day to day regulation until 31 December 2012.
 Further discussions to be held with HESG and VRQA regarding regulations and
 A note for all administration teams to watch the commencement dates on records
being reported for Competency Based Completions.
 Victorian Skills Commission has ceased so please remove any reference to this in
TAFE documentation.
Questions from Members
Handouts to be
forwarded to
members &
to look at
national trends &
provide next mtg.
Once DELTA has been completed how long until Employer & Apprentice receive
A HESG run a report twice a week and send correspondence accordingly.
10. Shakealeg – Apprentice Indigenous program Annette Gaulton Program Mgr
 The Shakealeg Indigenous Employment Program is a not for profit innovative
Indigenous apprentice and trainee program;
 It commenced in the greater western suburbs and is now under the umbrella of
the WPC (Work Place Connect) Group a not-for-profit Group Training Organisation;
 It exists to assist indigenous people to achieve their goals and dreams;
 The program offers a pre-employment program which aims at getting the
individual comfortable in the work environment; Annette as the program mentor
keeps in constant contact with the individuals to build trust over the initial period
of 3-6 months;
 It is very important for the indigenous to maintain their Koori connections but
leaving their community behind can bring its own set of issues;
 The Shakealeg program focuses on five main areas being: Construction,
Hospitality, Administration, Horticulture and Automotive.
For any member who would like to get in touch with Annette her details are:
Annette Gaulton Program Manager [email protected] or visit the website at
11. EE-Oz
Managing Apprentice Progression Project Maurice Graham
 $20m contract granted to EE-Oz mid June from the Gillard Government;
 Funding provided to introduce vital reforms to electrical apprenticeships and
improve retention of electrical apprentices;
 EE-Oz will develop 1st year resources by end of 2012 for this specific purpose and
VETASSESS will develop a question bank for specific project and overview the exam
process; E-profiling will continue to be linked to the competency progression.
 A pilot program (1000 apprentices) will take place from Jan 2013 and in Victoria
eight RTOs being University of Ballarat, Bendigo, Box Hill, RMIT, Swinburne,
Gordon, Kangan and NMIT are involved; MOUs are about to be sent to all RTOs
 The Electrical regulators have been involved in process;
 In 2014 the 2nd intake for project will be 1500 apprentices;
 The project includes a ‘readiness assessment’ which is completed via a Moodle
platform and covers numeracy & literacy via a one hour assessment; Once the
learner has successfully completed this assessment they then proceed to
registering their details and information on the Register which matches the
apprentice with an employer and the sign up is completed as normal via the AAC;
 The projects works on the concept of 20 industry mentors (from QLD) with
supervisors who will conduct 11 visits per year, per apprentice this will increase to
30 mentors in 2nd year;
Mentors are involved in the training and assessing of the program and there are
established benchmarks for each phase of the learning;
 KPMG will audit the level and compliance within the project contract on behalf of
the government;
 Discussion will be held on a monthly basis with Senior Federal Ministers to track
and monitor progression of project;
 Confirmation of competency will be by mentor not the RTO but further discussions
are to be held with HESG; employers would be asked to sign of units so an
induction will need to be provided to employers outlining responsibilities;
 RPL is still being worked through;
 A National Training Plan is currently being developed with the intention to be able
to go across all sectors and industries not just this project.
For further information on this project please visit or email:
[email protected]
An information pamphlet will be sent out with minutes.
Send out
pamphlet to
12. Other Business
 There were a couple of questions regarding variation from RTO to RTO in a
superseded qualification and dealing with new enrolments and ASQA regulations;
and Part time traineeships and teaching out superseded courses (Is the trainee
being disadvantaged?)
The members felt that part time students seem to finish same time as full time
students and they are normally set up as though they are full time. In most cases they
are managed and dealt with as though full time.
Australian Apprenticeships & Traineeships Information Service / Preapprenticeship Course Finder
The ATTN Secretary and a couple of other members had attended a recent information
session on the updates made to this website. It was felt that it may be beneficial to ask
Ian Marrett to attend the December meeting to provide an overview of this site.
Teleconference Costing – over the past three meetings, more than one institute
has chosen to utilise the teleconference facility and in doing so the ATTN incurs a
cost. A discussion was held around this issue and it was decided that from the
October meeting moving forward the facility would be provided under a User Pay
process. Therefore for institutes utilising the facility the Treasurer will forward an
invoice to cover expense.
Christmas Lunch – it was agreed that the lunch after the December meeting would
be held at Zio’s Restaurant the 2011 venue. Cost to be incurred by the ATTN.
Conference 2013 – a number of quotes had been collected for review by ATTN
Committee members and a discussion to be held by committee to select final date
Ian to be
invited to Dec
Secretary to
email all
members for
final numbers.
Committee to
and venue. Thank you to all members who had participated in the recent survey
to acquire feedback on 2011 conference and to help with planning.
meet and
discuss options.
13. Meeting concluded at 12.30pm
Next meeting is 7th December
Proposed Meeting dates in 2013:
Friday 8th February
June TBC (Conference)
Friday 11th October
Friday 19th April (AGM)
Friday 9th August
Friday 6th December