Photosynthesis and cellular respiration notes What is our main

Photosynthesis and cellular respiration notes
What is our main source of energy here on Earth?
What is an Autotroph? Give an example.
What is a Heterotroph? Give an example.
What does ATP stand for? What is it used for?
How are ADP and ATP like a battery? Where does ADP get the energy to make ATP?
What is Photosynthesis?
Who does it?
What is the chemical formula?
Reactants? What goes in?
Products? What comes out?
What two things are also required?
Where does it take place inside a eukaryotic cell?
What are the two phases of photosynthesis? What comes in and goes out of each
Phase 1:
Phase 2:
How do cells release the stored energy found in food (glucose) so that it can be used?
What is the formula?
Where does it occur within a eukaryotic cell?
Who can do it?
What are the three phases of cellular respiration? Where do they occur?
Which phase does not require oxygen?
Which phases require oxygen?
What occurs when oxygen is not present?
Two types?
What occurs when oxygen is present?
How much ATP is produced during each phase?
Total ATP produced without oxygen?
Total ATP produced with oxygen?
How are photosynthesis and cellular respiration linked?
Why do heterotrophs need autotrophs?
Why do autotrophs need heterotrophs?