World Languages Curriculum Mapping May, 2012 Language/Level

World Languages Curriculum Mapping May, 2012
Italian II
Costanza E. Campagna
Thematic Content: Title of Chapter/Unit
Major Grammar Topic(s)
Unita` 1:
Ritorno a Scuola
Verbi “Presente” in -are, -ere, -ire.
Cultural Connections:
L’articolo Determinativo
Differences and similarities between the
Italian School System vs. the American
L’Articolo Indeterminativo
School System.
Recognize that cognates have the same as
well as different meanings among
languages and understand the evolution of
the language.
Unita` 2:
Attivita` e Passatempi
Unita` 2: Attivita` e Passatempi:
Cultural Connections:
Differences and Similarities between the
two countries.
Verbi “Presente Indicativo”
Coniugazioni Regolari e Irregolari.
Verbo “Piacere”
Imperativo Presente - Coniugazioni
Imperativo Presente Coniugazioni Irregolari
Skills as Performance Objectives: (SWBAT)
(Formative and Summative)
SWBAT: Express preferences.
Quiz on School Vocabulary
SWBAT: Use technology in researching
Quiz on L’articolo Determinativo
specific school topics.
Quiz on L’articolo Indeterminativo
SWBAT: Describe The Italian School System. Quiz on il “Presente” all verbs in -are, -ere, and -ire.
SWBAT: Differentiate the Italian School
Quiz on the Italian School System.
System vs. The American School System.
Quiz on vocabulary page 13.
Quiz on Dialoghi on pages 14, 15, 16, and 17.
Il Bibliotecario - page 21 - Vocao;ario e Ritratti Famosi.
Dopo il Viaggio - Canzone di Biagio Antonacci
Unita` 1 Test - Ritorno a Scuola
SWBAT: Invite, propose, and persuade.
Quiz on sports and hobby vocabulary.
SWBAT: Explain in details rules to specific Quiz on the Present Tense of Regular and Irregular
SWBAT: Risolve different types of crossword Quiz on the Imperative, Regular and Irregular.
puzzle s.
Cultural quiz from Dialogues and Readings.
SWBAT: Describe their daily routines,
Dialogo Gara di Parole - pagine 34-35
activities hobbies and interests.
Listening Comprehension - Il Tempo Libero - pagina 36
SWBAT: Talk about their free time.
Dialogo pagina 37.
SWBAT: Learn and discuss different genra of Oral and Written descriptions of a typical day.
music and compare to American music.
Dialogue - Students write and perform dialogue based
SWBAT: Read and understand written
on lessons learned in class.
materials in the Italian langauge.
Test - Che Tipo Sei? - pagina 38
SWBAT: Read, listen to and view works of Dialogo pagina 39
literature and arts that describe
Trova le Parole - Listening Comprehension pagina 40
contemporary life in the Italian culture.
Le Preferenze - Dialogo 41
SWBAT: Exchange opinions with classmates Unita` 2 - Attivita` e Passatempi Test
on social issues from the Italian culture.
Unita ` 3:
Sport e Salute
Unita` 3:
Sport e Salute
Verbi Modali - Indicativo Presente Volere-Potere-Dovere-
Cultural Connections:
Express own thoughts and opinions on
Verbo Fare - Presente Indicativo
topics of social and personal interests such
as music, literature, the arts, and the
Passato Prossimo con “Avere”
sciences and compare and contrast.
Unita` 4:
La Moda Dei Giovani
Unita` 4: La Moda Dei Giovani
Verbi nel Presente:
Indossare - Vestire - Mettere
Cultural Connections:
Verbi Riflessivi - Svegliarsi - Alzarsi Lavarsi - Farsi - Mettersi - Vestirsi The differences and similarities in the way Guardarsi people dress and view fashion in Italy
verses the U.S.A. The importance of
fashion in Italy.
SWBAT: Express emotions.
Quiz on The Body and The Face Vocabulary
SWBAT: Describe sports.
Quiz on Sports Vocabulary.
SWBAT: Encorage and Inspire and Influence Quiz on I Verbi Modali - Volere, Potere and Dovere.
others to do positive things.
Quiz on all expressions with “Fare”.
SWBAT: Know all important sports practiced Quiz on Passato Prossimo with “Avere”.
in Italy.
Quiz on Dialogo “Automobili, che passione!”
SWBAT: Learn the history of the “Ferrari” . Dialogo pagina 55.
SWBAT: The Italian National Anthem di
Dialogo pagina 57.
Goffredo Mameli.
Listening Comprehension pagina 59.
SWBAT: Learn Vegatable and Fruit
Dialogo “Il Cavallino Rosso” pagine 62-63.
Quiz on Vegetable and Fruit Vocabulary.
Cultural quiz on La Ferrari.
Unita` 3 Sport e Salute Test.
SWBAT: Describe the body parts, and
Quiz on Clothing and Accessories Vocabulary.
Quiz on all verbs in Unit .
SWBAT: Express likes and dislikes in clothing Quiz on Dialogo “Una proposta” from pagina 73.
Dialogo pagina 75 - “Dal Parrucchiere”.
SWBAT: Agree and Disagree on fashion
Dialogo “Al Centro Commerciale” pagina 76.
Quiz on Domande su “Dal Parrucchiere” su pagina 78.
SWBAT: Discuss plans and organization of Partner Verb Drills.
events in their daily lives.
Quiz on Vocabulary of Body Parts .
SWBAT: Express opinions, critiques,
Popsicle Stick People Project.
suggestions and evaluations of fashion
Fashion Show Project.
Listening Activities - dictation and comprehension.
SWBAT: Discuss fashion in Italy and
Speaking Activities - speaking and listening.
compare it to the U.S.A.
Unita` 4 Test La Moda Dei Giovani.
SWBAT: Discuss all the fashion cities in Italy
and all the famous fashion streets and
compare to the U.S.A.
Unita` 5:
Unita` 5:
Verbi in “Futuro”. Regolare e Irregolari. SWBAT: Express surprises.
SWBAT: Celebrate different holidays.
Irregolari - Andare - Bere - Venire SWBAT: Invite.
Cultural Connections:
Essere - Avere - Stare - Dovere - Potere SWBAT: Describe and Order food in Italy.
Differences and Similarities in how Italians - Volere - Dare - Fare SWBAT: Order from an Italian Menu and
and Americans celebrate holidays and
understand the different categories of the
present food on a Menu.
meal, breakfast (colazione), lunch (pranzo),
dinner (cena).
SWBAT: Purchase fruits and vegetables at a
local grocery store or specialty store.
SWBAT: To accept and refuses invitations in
a polite mannere.
SWBAT: Ask and give information.
SWBAT: Write and say different greetings
and wishes according to different holidays.
SWBAT: Learn cultural differences in
holidays between Italy and U.S.A.
SWBAT: Driving age in Italy, compare and
contrast similarities and differences
between both countries.
SWBAT: Birthday celebrations in Italy for
18th Birthday.
Quiz Food Vocabulry.
Quiz on “Il Futuro” Verbs.
Quiz on “Il Futuro” Irregolari Verbs.
Quiz on “Il Compleanno” Dialogo on pagina 93.
Listening Comprehension on “Il Compleanno”.
Dialogo pagina 95.
Dialogo pagina 97.
Vocabolario pagina 96.
Quiz on Vocabulary page 96.
Listening Comprehension on pagina 97 - “La Festa di
Ascolta e Scrivi - “Quante Feste in Un Anno”.
Dialogo - “Il Compleanno con gli amici.”
Domande - “Il Compleanno con gli amici.”
Quiz - “Il Compleanno con gli amici” Domande.
Speaking activities: speaking and listening.
Listening activities: dictation and comprehension.
Improvise short skits at a Birthday Party and Grocery
Dialogue - Students write and perform dialogue based
on lessons learned in class.
Unita` 6: Letture
Unita` 6 : Letture
Cultural Connections:
Differences and Similarities In Italian
Literature verses English and American
Verbi in Imperfetto e Passato
SWBAT: Give and Receive Information.
Quiz on Passato Prossimo Verbs in “Essere”.
SWBAT: Recount and Argue topics.
Quiz on Passato Prossimo Verbs in “Avere”.
SWBAT: Talk about their far away past in the Quiz on “Imperfetto” Phrases.
Quiz on “I Promessi Sposi” Vocabolario.
SWBAT: Read, Comprehend and Discuss “I Quiz on “I Promessi Sposi” Questions.
Promessi Sposi”di Alessandro Manzoni.
Dialogo “La Letteratura Italiana” pagine 114-115.
SWBAT: to recognize the different literature Reading Comprehension pagine 116-117.
styles in Italian Literature.
Quiz on il vocabolario dei diversi tipi di letteratura.
SWBAT: Learn the importance of studying Quiz on espressioni Italiani.
Literature in Italy.
Reading comprehension “La Biblioteca”.
SWBAT: To compare “I Promessi Sposi” di Dialogo - pagina 118 - “Impegni di Letteratura.”
Alessandro Manzoni to American and
Listening Comprehension - “La Biblioteca Scolastica”
English Literature.
pagina 120.
SWBAT: Learn the “Accetta il Consiglio”
Listening Comprehension - “Inchiesta sulla
Poem by Linus.
Letteratura” Pagina 120.
SWBAT: Learn about “I Parchi Letterari” in Reading Comprehension “I Promessi Sposi”
Domande e Risposte.
Listening Comprehension “I Promessi Sposi.”
Quiz - “I Promessi Sposi.”
Test - “I Promessi Sposi.”
Write Your Own “I Promessi Sposi.”
Essay on When I was a child - “Quando ero uno(a)
bambino(a) the “Imperfetto”
Unita` 6 Letture Test.