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Library Tabs in BlackBoard
Bond has a permanent Library tab in iLearn (Blackboard). Other search boxes
not showing on the tab include e-journal portal and [email protected]
Hello, RMIT in Melbourne uses Blackboard with library tab.
We've had a Library Tab running on our University Blackboard system for about
a year now. It reproduces the key search functions of our web page, plus a few
selected links.
At the moment we haven't got a way of knowing how much traffic comes through
the tab.
Gary Hardy
Associate Director, Information Support
Swinburne University of Technology
Greetings from Fremantle.
We are trying to migrate Blackboard from our current version (6.3) to 7.2 and to
embrace the full academic suite. When this happens the plan is to develop a
more fully functioning portal within BB. A key feature in this if I have my way is to
have a library tab. What will be there is up for debate but I would happily share
anything we do with you and your colleagues. I don’t know who you deal with at
BB but the staff I have encountered are very helpful and keen. They seem
genuinely interested in seeing the product well used.
Hi Anne et al
The answer from our Centre for Advanced Learning and Teaching (CALT) is
"CALT has a standard WebCT template that includes a library tab/link but it is not
in use across UTAS." We'd be interested in understanding more about the
uses/advantages of such a link
Currently we at UWA do not, but are very interested in hearing about others who
do have.
Ralph Kiel Associate Librarian University of Western Australia Library
35 Stirling Highway
CRAWLEY, W.A., 6009
Dear All,
Monash Library has some space within WebCT to create quizzes, general
information and other content. However, it is mostly up to lecturers themselves to
create links to library content from within WebCT. There is, however, some
collaboration between lecturers and subject librarians who may have created
some library content for unit pages for courses that the lecturers manage.
Suzanne Clarke
Director, Information Resources
Monash University Library
Building 67
Monash University Vic 3800
Dear Anne,
Herewith the UTS response provided by Alison Slocombe from our Information
Services Department. For more information please contact her.
UTS Library has a "Library" subject within Blackboard, which library staff
members can use as a testing area for creating quizzes and content. Some
faculty librarians have been added as 'tutors' in subjects, which means they can
add a 'Library' button within each subject and add content, links to useful
information, quizzes, etc. In other subjects, lecturers add links to library
information themselves.
The Blackboard implementation at UTS is currently under review, and the Library
will be lobbying to have a 'Library' button as part of the template for every
Kind regards,
Pamela Leuzinger
Director, Library Client Services Unit
University of Technology, Sydney
P.O. Box 123, Broadway,
Sydney, NSW 2007
Ph. +61 2 9514 3336
Fax. +61 2 9514 3331
Email: [email protected]
Dear Anne
Fiona Salisbury, Reference and Information Services Librarian, provides the
following response for La Trobe:
Latrobe has two permanent links in the campus bookmarks block in WebCT.
The links are to the Library's generic research skills tutorial and to the Library
homepage. e.g.
In 2008 we will be investigating inclusion of a library guide and ereadings as part
of the template for online units.
Barbara Paton
Deputy University Librarian & AARLIN Director
La Trobe University. Vic 3086
Tel: + 61 3 9479 1928
Fax: + 61 3 9479 3018
Email: [email protected]
UOW has a Library link/tab on the home page for every subject within
Blackboard Vista.
Named as "Readings and Library Resources" it features direct links to ereadings
for that subject, the Library catalogue, databases, resources by faculty, online
tutorials, our Email a librarian and Chat services and a monthly Library newsletter
on what is new for their faculty.
Helen Mandl
Associate Librarian, Planning and Development
University of Wollongong Library Ph: (02) 4221 4176
Northfields Avenue
Fax: (02) 4221 4663
Wollongong NSW 2522
Email: [email protected]