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Guided Reading Notes Perceptual Interpretation Module 16
1. Which psychologist maintained that knowledge comes from our inborn ways of
organizing sensory experiences?
2. Which philosopher argued that through our experiences we also learn to perceive
the word?
3. After eye surgery, blind adults were able to recognize what?
4. Explain Blakemore and Cooper’s kitten experiment.
5. What is the visual ability to adjust to an artificially displaced visual field?
6. Define perceptual set, and explain how it influences what we do or do not
7. What are schemas?
8. What are face schemas accentuated by?
9. Which two face feature play a dominant role in recognition?
10. Explain context effects and why the same stimulus can evoke different
perceptions in different contexts.
11. Explain cultural context. Give an example.
12. Describe the role human factors psychologists play in creating user friendly
machines and work settings.
13. Identify the 3 most testable forms of ESP, and explain why most research
psychologists remain skeptical of ESP.