Observing Protists Lab Exercise

Observing Protists Lab Exercise
In this week’s lab, you will be observing three examples of protists on the web and
drawing diagrams.
When you draw a diagram in biology, please remember to make the diagram as accurate
as possible. Other things to remember:
1. Draw the diagram large enough to show all of the necessary details. Be careful of
the relative size of objects.
2. All components of the drawing should be labeled appropriately. If it was
important enough for you to draw, it deserves a label.
3. All drawings must be done neatly in pencil. Do not use ink or color.
4. Your diagram should have a title and a magnification.
In this activity, it may not be possible to know the magnification because these are videos
Please go to each video separately and watch it several times if necessary.
Video 1: Euglena
Draw and label the Euglena. Use the textbook page 539 as reference.
Video 2: Amoeba
Draw and label the Amoeba. Use the textbook page 537 as a reference.
Video 4: Paramecium
Draw and label the Paramecium. Use the textbook page 538 as a reference.