Web-based CV System 11/02
A GFP member is interested in finding out if any schools have developed a web-based CV system for their academic
staff. The academic staff at this member's institution are often asked to send information about themselves and their
careers to other offices, granting agencies and institutions. Additionally, their departments report that they are
constantly required to gather data about their faculty members for reporting purposes (i.e. external reviews,
accreditation, credentialing etc.).
The envisioned Web-based CV system would store the information in a database with secure access through the
Web, for the purpose of keeping the information up-to-date and formatting specific versions of their CV's (or
whatever document is requested) simply by extracting data from the database instead of having to re-create a new
document for each request using a much more manual process.
We began work with similar goals about 3 years ago. We wanted to have a
system that would be open-access to all faculty and that would allow you to
access areas such as:
1) A C.V. formatted for individual purposes (e.g. NIH Biosketch,
Foundations, etc)
2) Information about who might be working in related areas within the Mayo
system (e.g. who is working on the drug Suramin, or who is using
drosophilae model systems)
3) Information about who has funding from particular sources. (e.g. who has
funding from the Muscular Dystrophy Association, American Heart, etc)
4) Who is interested in teaching particular areas (e.g. EBM)
5) Who has expertise in specific teaching methodologies (e.g. Problembased learning, etc)
and a variety of other academic questions.
The principles of what is appropriate to keep private and what can be
shared and open access that are mentioned in the enquiry below were key
We were unable to identify a commercially available system so we ended
up building our own. We are just about to launch this "home-grown", webbased system. It is called REAIMS (Research and Education Academic
Information Management System).
If the GFP member were interested in contacting me directly, I could put
them in touch with the team at Mayo who has been working on this. I know
our system is not mature enough to be shared yet; but I also know they are
very to discuss the pros and cons of going it alone. I hope at some point in
the future we will have a system that works well enough to be shared or
licensed to other institutions.
U Nebraska
I actually have a friend who has developed a little tool that does
exactly this. He is an independent consultant type. Let me know if the
member wants to have the contact info.
We have developed such a system at the University at Buffalo in the last
year. The initial input is somewhat daunting. Publications can be inputted
from Medline, but not all publications such as reviews and book chapters
are on Medline. In an effort to achieve consistency, there is some difficulty
in entering non-standard items. The main difficulty is getting faculty to
go through the initial work of entering the CV. Once it is done, updating
is relatively painless.
Creighton U
Neal Cohen UC San
We have just recently implemented such a module as a component of our
online Mission-Based Management System.
Our system is Unix (FreeBSD) with a MYSQL database. Programming was
done in Perl. It is a secure site accessible to all faculty and authorized staff
In conjunction with the CV component, we also offer an "Annual Profile"
component, which is used to reflect activity related to 1 year at a time.
If there are any specific type questions, I would be happy to help.
I understand the UC Davis is developing such a system. We would like to,
but the budget constraints are delaying the project.
UC Davis
We are in the process of developing this system for the School of
Medicine, and the School of Veterinary Medicine. The point person on this
project is Linda Bullard from the School of Medicine.
U of Utah
Here at the University of Utah we are in the process of developing an
electronic CV system as part of our Mission-Based Management initiative.
We intend it to function in all the areas you described in your e-mail. I
would be very interested in talking with other schools working on similar
Marshall U
We are looking into a credentialing program, which has this function along
with the capabilities to perform provider enrollment for insurance/track
medical malpractice issues/etc. The two programs we have reviewed are:
1. Symed – PowerPoint (attached to the email)
We are still reviewing programs.
We are working on one.
U of
Ponce SOM
We are in the planning process for this.
Hopkins U
We don't have such a system; our faculty would consider it as
institutional intrusion!