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Moore, Timothy
Moore, Timothy
Instructor: Mrs. Tammy Moore
Class: VHSG Online Physical Science
16 July 2010
The Medium Through Which Sound Waves Travel
[What you will put here: Summarize the whole report in one, concise paragraph of about 100-200
words. You cannot write the abstract until after you've completed the report. Because it assumes that
you will speak to your conclusion or what you learned in brief.]
[What you will put here: In this introduction, some background is provided for the reader
(sources are noted in the reference section at the end of the report).Typically, the introduction states the
problem to be solved or the experiment to be performed and explains its purpose and significance. It
also provides whatever background theory, previous research, or formulas the reader needs to
understand to perform the experiment (or solve the problem).]
Methods and Procedures
 Plastic wrap
 Scissors
 Tape
 Candle (able to stand up on its own or in a holder)
 Match
 Plastic 1-liter or 2-liter bottle
 Large pot
Moore, Timothy
 Wooden spoon
 Large Bowl
 Rice
 Eye protection such as goggles or safety glasses
Procedure for Experiment #1:
I cut away the base of the plastic bottle so there was a big hole at the bottom. Stretching the plastic
wrap tightly, I covered the hole. I used tape to secure the plastic wrap. This made a makeshift drum on
the bottom of the bottle. I held the bottle so that the opening from which I would drink was pointed
toward my ear. I flicked the plastic wrap and heard the sound as it came through the bottle.
I lit the candle, and I held the bottle so that the opening from which I would pour is pointed right at the
flame, trying to hold the opening as close to the flame as possible without melting it or catching it on
fire. When the bottle opening was positioned properly, I flicked the plastic wrap at the other end so I
heard the dull thump. I observed what happened to the candle flame.
Procedure for Experiment #2:
I stretched plastic wrap over the open end of the large bowl, as if I was about to store some food in the
bowl. As I did in the previous experiment, I made sure the plastic wrap was stretched tightly across the
bowl [use tape if necessary]. Then, I spread some rice over the plastic wrap that was stretched
across the top of the bowl. Bringing the large pot near the bowl, I held it so the top of the pot
(the open end) pointed toward the bowl. With the large spoon, I started banging against the
bottom of the pot. I observed what happened to the rice.
I cleaned up my mess.
[Place your conclusion here. You must explain, analyze, and interpret your results, being especially
careful to explain any errors or problems.]
Moore, Timothy
[Use MLA citation standards. This is commonly used in lab reports, but APA is used in some colleges
too. I encourage you to do some of your own research too and add to the introduction section of the lab
report from what you learn]