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Collaborative Challenge: McSpotlight
Assignment: Gather with two or three classmates at a shared computer
space. Visit the Comprehensive Activist Website, McSpotlight
(http://www.mcspotlight.org/). Website. Conduct a rhetorical analysis of the
online features.
Spend some time at the Media section of the site. Watchthe 30-second
Quicktime ad for Peter Heller’s Jungleburger, a documentary
that focuses on the Costa Rican cattle raising and meat export business and
investigates how the fast food industry affects third world countries.
What argument is the trailer making? How is the image of McDonald’s
constructed? As a group, storyboard your own film in response to this texts.
Christine Alfano & Alyssa O’Brien, Envision In Depth. 2nd edition. NY: Pearson, 2010.