Linda Samuels is the Founder of Focus Technology.

Linda Samuels, M.Sc., M.B.A.
Focus Technolgy
92 Winthrop Shore Drive, Winthrop, MA 02152
Toll Free (877-414-4192) Local (617) 908-9660
Fax (617) 207-2998 [email protected]
 Bachelor of Arts, Biology with Honors, Zoology, University of Cincinnati, 1969
 Master of Science, Thesis Research: Population Genetics, University of Cincinnati, 1971
 Master in Business Administration, Suffolk University, 2003 (GPA 3.75)
 Taught biological sciences for 28 years at Dana Hall School
o Managed classroom like Fortune 500 company
 Utilized “Flywheel Effect” to move students from chaos to concept
 Received numerous teaching awards
o Outstanding Biology Teacher, MA
o Hall of Fame for Science Educators, MA
o Excellence in Encouraging Equity, USA
o Presidential Award Finalist, USA
o Distinguished Alumnae(i) Award, University of Cincinnati, USA
 Developed new educational paradigm for teaching science to girls emphasizing the importance of
their right brain nonlinear dynamic learning
 Created unique Dance Science curriculum -- first of its kind in secondary school setting
o Dance to understand biology; biology to understand dance
 Wrote critically acclaimed book, Girls Can Succeed in Science, 1999
o Presented new paradigm for teaching science to girls involving integration of right brain
nonlinear dynamic thinking with left brain linear analytic thinking
o Described specific ideas and activities that contribute to a gender-equitable environment for
learning science
 President, Massachusetts Biology Teachers Association
 National President, Section on Role and Status of Women in Biology
 CEO, The Science of Learning Center: Institute for Study of the Mind, Founded in 2001
o Designed a synergistic platform with new educational paradigm for tutoring and teaching
o Offers real and virtual classroom training for education and healthcare professionals with an eye
toward broadening opportunities for women, business, science, and math
 CEO, Premier Capital by the Sea, Founded in 2005
o Offering strategic funding solutions for financial restructuring and cash flow consistency
 Marketing the "mc2" – a revolutionary electronic memory device utilizing state-of-the-art technology
 Used by students in real and virtual classroom settings at The Science of Learning Center
 Improves communication between right and left sides of brain
 Augments brain evolution by introducing ever lower frequencies
 Enhances neuronal transmission across the corpus callosum
memory x concentration2
 Results in improved ability to concentrate, remember, and relax
 Seeking challenging, creative business and science experiences
 Adding value, motivation, and energy to an existing vision
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