Vocabulary – Native American / European Explorers

Vocabulary – Native American / European Explorers
-Treaty of Tordesillas - conquistador -missionary
-oral history
-Columbian Exchange
 An object that is discovered which gives clues to ancient civilization.
 A scientist who studies human culture. ____________________
 A scientist who studies the remains of ancient cultures.
 A peoples’ way of life. ___________________
 The movement of plants, animals, diseases, and other living things
between Eastern and Western hemispheres. ____________________
 A Spanish conqueror. ____________________
 The ability to fight off diseases. ____________________
 A settlement in which people of a particular religion teach their faith to
others. ____________________
 A person who teaches his faith to other people.
 Stories passed down from generation to generation.
 A method in which trees and brush are burned to clear land for fields and
villages. ____________________
 An agreement signed in 1494 between Portugal and Spain that divided
new land discoveries between the two countries.