Vocabulary Paragraphs In order for you to understand how to use

Vocabulary Paragraphs
In order for you to understand how to use your vocabulary correctly, you will be
writing vocabulary paragraphs for each of your words. You will need to finish
the prompt that I give you, then you will be adding a minimum of three to four
sentences to create a meaningful paragraph that shows you know the meaning
of the vocabulary word. Make sure that you use definitions, synonyms and
antonyms in your paragraphs. Here is an example using a word from Unit Ten:
When I decided to steal my brother’s Halloween candy, I knew I would need
to make covert preparations. I disguised myself and hid in his closet. I knew I
would need to act in a clandestine manner and sneak out of my hiding place
when he was asleep. When his snoring began, I made an overt move and
crawled from my secluded position in the closet. What a surprise it was to
discover he was faking the snoring, and he caught me in the act!
Here are the prompts for Unit 11 Words:
1. I decided that this year for Lent I would be more abstemious than in prior
years so I…
2. After spending time with my cranky grandfather, my three-year-old brother
began using censurable language, so my mother…
3. My plans to go to the shore with my friends were contingent upon my
behavior, so when I was caught…
4. My friend refused to corroborate my story that explained why I….
5. As a die-hard Phillies fan you could say that I am a denizen of the ballpark
because I…
6. When writing my vocabulary paragraphs, I tend to become quite discursive
as I ramble on about…
7. I just love gossip, so I am known in my neighborhood as one who
disseminates news such as the exciting news I heard today.
8. My mother had the great idea that she would make my prom dress this year,
and it turned out to look quite dowdy.
9. My father’s face became quite florid when he was angry at me.
10. My rich cousin always tries to foist her hand-me-down clothes onto my
11. My brother acts quite gauche when he has to…
12. When I told my best friend that I did not believe any of her stories, she
accused me of committing heresy.
13. Mrs. Sullivan tries to inculcate our brains with an abundance of vocabulary
14. At the dance, the music that permeated the room was quite palpable.
15. Because my Dad is so perceptive, he could tell I was lying when…
16. The fumes from the burning building were pernicious, so I grabbed my little
sister and ran…
17. The most salient feature on his face was a huge mole that…
18. After I gave up potato chips for Lent, I could not buy enough bags to satiate
myself, so I…
19. My Dad always likes to sear the steak that he cooks on the grill, but
yesterday he…
20. The sales pitch that the used car salesman was giving my mom was overly
specious, especially when he stated that the car…
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