2015 MAYORS SCHOLARSHIP Scholarship Qualifications

Stevens-Henager College, Logan
Scholarship Qualifications
The recipient of the Mayors Scholarship must:*
Be a high school graduate or GED recipient living within your jurisdiction
Have demonstrated exceptional drive, ambition, and determination to complete college
Meet the entrance requirements of Stevens-Henager College
Begin classes on or before October 5, 2015
The Mayors Scholarship may not be combined with other college scholarships.
The candidate’s financial need, community service, and extracurricular activities will also be taken
into consideration as part of the criteria for selection.
Candidate Selection Process
1. From June 1, 2015, through August 14, 2015, you may publicize the availability of the
scholarship (whether through personal recommendation, city council meetings, newsletters,
local administrative office bulletin board, etc.).
2. Applicants apply for the Mayors Scholarship through your city or township.
3. James Birman, Executive Director of Stevens-Henager College, Logan, collects all application
materials from your city or township on Tuesday, August 18, 2015.
4. All applications that meet the eligibility requirements are evaluated by the Stevens-Henager
College Scholarship Committee.
5. You and your scholarship nominee will be notified of the selected recipient no later than
Monday, August 24, 2015.
*Scholarship awards are limited and only available to those who qualify.
Stevens-Henager College, Logan
Mayors Scholarships are awarded each year by the Logan campus of Stevens-Henager College. These scholarships will be distributed
to an individual nominated by his or her respective mayor in townships throughout Northern Utah and Southern Idaho. The scholarships
will be awarded in the name of the winning students’ mayor. The college will contribute, per township; either a $25,000 scholarship
toward one of the campus’s bachelor’s degrees or a $15,000 scholarship toward one of the campus’s associate’s degree. The recipient of
the Mayors Scholarship must be a high school graduate or GED recipient living within a mayor’s jurisdiction, must have demonstrated
exceptional drive, ambition, and determination to complete college, must meet the entrance requirements of the College, and must begin
classes by the start of the October 5, 2015 module. The scholarship is to be partially based on the individual’s financial need, GPA,
community service, and extracurricular activities. The scholarship will have no cash value should the student withdraw from the college
and may only be used at Stevens-Henager College, Logan. The scholarship will be applied toward the tuition for programs offered at
Stevens-Henager College, Logan. The selected student may, if qualified, be eligible for one of the federal financial aid programs.
Assistance will be provided in applying for such funding. This scholarship may not be combined with other college scholarships.
City: ___________________________________ State: _____________ Zip:____________________
Home Phone:( ____ ) _____________________
Cell: ( ____ ) _____________________________
Email: _____________________________________________________________________________
Graduation/GED Date:______________________ Mayor’s Name:______________________________
Select the careers you are most interested in pursuing:
Information Technology
Network administrator
Systems security
Software developer
Mobile app developer
Systems administrator
Web developer
Business & Accounting
Medical assistant
Pharmacy technician
Limited scope X-ray
Medical billing/coding
Nurse assistant
Medical lab assistant
Medical office
Healthcare administrator
Forensic accounting
Business management
Business administration
Tax planner/preparer
Retail sales management
Event planner
Property management
Graphic Arts
Graphic designer
Web design
How to Apply:
Complete Mayors Scholarship application form and submit, along with your essay, to your local mayor’s office
by August 14, 2015.
Essay Response: Why I deserve the Stevens-Henager College Mayors Scholarship
Instructions: Include your name and contact information. In the body of your essay, demonstrate your
“exceptional drive, ambition, and determination” to complete college. Also, describe any community service or
extracurricular activities you may be involved in, as well as any financial need, that may affect the committee’s
decision to award you the scholarship. Limit your response to a maximum of 1,000 words.
Question? Contact Jimmy Birman at (435) 792-6699 or [email protected]
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