The Hereditary Order of the Families of the Presidents and First

The Hereditary Order of the
Families of the Presidents and First Ladies of America
hereby certifies that our Member
James Kevin Raywalt
has established qualifying lineages to the following Presidents and
First Ladies by proving common ancestry with each of them:
President George Walker Bush
President Franklin Delano Roosevelt
First Lady Barbara (Pierce) Bush
President William Howard Taft
President Rutherford Birchard Hayes
President Warren Gamaliel Harding
President Richard Milhous Nixon
First Lady Frances (Folsom) Cleveland
President Herbert Clark Hoover
President Calvin Coolidge
First Lady Abigail (Smith) Adams
President John Quincy Adams
President Gerald Rudolph Ford
First Lady Elizabeth (Kortright) Monroe
First Lady Elizabeth (Wallace) Truman
First Lady Jane Means (Appleton) Pierce
President George Herbert Walker Bush
President James Earl Carter
President William Henry Harrison
President Benjamin Harrison
First Lady Lou (Henry) Hoover
First Lady Florence Mabel (Kling) Harding
President Samuel Huntington
First Lady Elizabeth (Harrison) Randolph
President William Brown Ide
First Lady Susan (Haskell) Ide
President George Washington
First Lady Edith Kermit (Carow) Roosevelt
First Lady Mamie Geneva (Doud) Eisenhower
President Dwight David Eisenhower
By Order of the Cabinet
Member No. Founder 1
James Kevin Raywalt , President
Llewellyn Morgan Toulmin, Vice President
Peter Arrott Dixon , Secretary General
Charles Owen Johnson, Esq., Attorney General
Arthur Louis Finnell, Secretary of Registry
Patricia Sears Wasilik, Secretary of the Treasury
Patricia Scruggs Trolinger, Archivist General
Barbara Blanton Lohr, Secretary of Engraving
Barrett Lee McKown, Chaplain
James Kevin Raywalt, Postmaster General
Charles Green Banks III, Telecommunications Commissioner