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European Exploration and Settlement
• Portuguese explorer who sailed for Spain
• In 1595, sailed from Manila to North America on the San Agustin
• Landed at Point Reyes and spent several weeks exploring the area
Which person is described in the box above?
A. Gaspar de Portolá
B. Juan Rodríguez Cabrillo
C. Francisco Coronado
D. Sebastián Rodríguez Cermeño
• Spanish explorer who arrived in California in 1602
• had been sent by the viceroy of New Spain to find harbors for Spanish ships on their
way back to Mexico from the Philippines
• made very detailed maps of the coast of California
• named many places in California including San Diego, Santa Catalina, Santa Barbara,
and Monterey Bay
Which explorer is described in the box above?
A. Juan Rodríguez Cabrillo
B. Francisco de Ulloa
C. Gaspar de Portolá
D. Sebastián Vizcaíno
3. In 1539, Spanish explorer Francisco de Ulloa discovered which of the following
A. the Colorado River
B. the Sacramento River
C. San Francisco Bay
D. Monterey Bay
4. Early Spanish explorers believed California was
A. a continent.
B. an island.
C. a large desert.
D. a glacier.
• Founded in 1770 by Junípero Serra and Gaspar de Portolá
• Served as the capital of California from 1777 to 1849
• In 1542, was explored by Juan Rodríguez Cabrillo
Which California city is described in the box above?
A. Long Beach
B. Riverside
C. Monterey
D. Oakland
Which of the following best completes the diagram?
A. Sebastián Vizcaíno
B. Francisco Coronado
C. Juan Cabrillo
D. Juan Crespi
• Danish explorer who sailed for Russia
• Explored the northern Pacific Ocean in the mid-1700s
• Discovered Alaska and the Aleutian Islands
Which person is described in the box above?
Vitus Bering
Juan Cabrillo
James Cook
Francis Drake
8. The first European settlements in California were located near the Pacific Ocean
A. the Europeans liked to go to the beach for fun.
B. the Europeans wanted to have a view of the water.
C. the Europeans had arrived by ship on the coast.
D. the Europeans had found gold there.
• Was chosen by José de Gálvez to lead the "Sacred Expedition" to California
• Had been ordered to start missions and presidios at San Diego and Monterey
• Expedition began in 1769 and included two ships and two land parties
Which explorer is described in the box?
A. Sebastián Rodríguez Cermeño
B. Gaspar de Portolá
C. Hernando de Alarcón
D. Juan Cabrillo
10. Which of these physical features in California made it difficult for some of the
first explorers to travel inland from the Pacific Ocean?
A. the Coast Ranges
B. the Sierra Nevada Mountains
C. Death Valley
D. the Colorado River
11. Which of these people was a British explorer who is known for his discoveries in
the Pacific Ocean and for mapping the coast of California in the 1770s?
A. John Cabot
B. Francis Drake
C. Walter Raleigh
D. James Cook
• Spanish explorer who was sent to meet up with the Coronado expedition
• Explored the Gulf of California and the Colorado River in 1540
• Was one of the first Europeans to realize that California was not an island
Which person is described in the box above?
A. Hernando de Alarcón
B. Juan Ponce de León
C. Gaspar de Portolá
D. Sebastián Vizcaíno
13. Which of the following was one of the challenges faced by Juan Cabrillo when he
sailed up the California coast in 1542?
A. He became lost because there were no maps of the area.
B. He was sailing against winds blowing from the north.
C. Many of his crew members refused to follow his orders.
D. There were English ships that were defending the area.
14. In 1542, Juan Cabrillo claimed which of these areas for the Spanish?
A. Sacramento
B. Fresno
C. Palm Springs
D. San Diego
15. Many of the Spanish explorers who sailed along the coast of California were
looking for the Strait of Anián which they believed
A. connected the Pacific Ocean with the Atlantic Ocean.
B. would be an important transportation route within California.
C. connected the Gulf of California with the Gulf of Mexico.
D. led to the Seven Cities of Gold and the Fountain of Youth.
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