Vision Hair - Austin Dance Studio

Vision Hair Style
This year the hairstyle for Vision will be a deep side parted curly low ponytail.
We will have a deep side part on the left side (part over your heart)
with the hair swooping to the right. When styling the ponytail,
instead of brushing the hair back towards the ponytail keep the hair
slick across the forehead.
Use gel and hairspray
to make sure the
ponytail is slick with
no fly aways or stray
**Dancers with bangs may wear them forward and part the hair
Ponytails should be curled with either a curling iron/wand or rollers.
Please NO fake ponytails!! If hair has natural curly texture, no need to
change it. Please use rubber bands that closely match hair color. Each
team will have a hair accessory handed out at competition.
**Short hair can be worn in a similar style (parted to the left swoop to
the right) with only the the top half up.**