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Army Pathways to Success
The ASVAB, ConAP and March2Success
outlets to Educational Advancement
Career Opportunities
Army Career Facts
1478966 members in the US Military
495,000 members in US Army
154 careers available in active Army.
120 careers available in Army Reserves
Careers available in the 16 national career
clusters (Achieve Texas)
• 2 out of 7 applicants qualify for military
Army Education Info
• MGIB - $53,028 total = $1,473 per month
• MGIB+ACF - $(60,828 – 86,028) = $1,689 – 2,389
per month
• 2000 Servicemembers Opportunity Colleges
• 73 SOCAD Associate’s Degree Schools
• 63 SOCAD Bachelor’s Degree Schools
• AVG national ASVAB Score – 36
• AVG ASVAB Score Houston - 29
March 2
What is It?
 An On-line, Standardized Test Preparation Course…
 Developed as a free, no obligation tool to help high school
students improve their performance on standardized tests by
improving math, science and English skills
 Developed for the Army by e-learning industry leaders
Peterson’s, Inc., and Educational Options, Inc.
 March2Success Courseware Includes:
 High School Preparation Course
 Standardized Test Preparation Course
 Full Length SAT and ACT Practice Tests
 SAT and ACT Flashcards
 SAT/ACT Preparation Video Game
 College Planning Resources
Students select from the following
course content:
 Comprehensive English (Language usage, Reading, Writing)
 Comprehensive Math (Basic Math, Algebra, Geometry, Statistics)
 Integrated Science (Earth Science, Biology, Chemistry, Physics)
 High School Preparation (Study Skills, Lang. Arts, Math, Science)
 SAT Prep (7 timed on-line practice tests)
 ACT Prep (7 timed on-line practice tests)
 Flashcards -- SAT/ACT (20 verbal decks; 5 math decks)
 Zero-Hour Threat – Video game to raise SAT and ACT scores
Concurrent Admissions Program
• Purpose
To link Future Soldiers to a ConAp college at the time of
enlistment in the Army or Army Reserve.
• ConAP Colleges
There are more than 2000 colleges nationwide that have a
SOCAD (Servicemembers Opportunity College) agreement
with the DOD. There are 130 colleges in Texas that have a
similar agreement.
• Goals – Increase enlistment of college capable individuals
into both the active duty and reserve forces; increase the
number of Army soldiers, Reserve Soldiers, and veterans
enrolled in college; increase the us of GI Bill Benefits
Concurrent Admissions Program
• Benefits
For Soldiers – An active plan to attend college, use GI Bill
benefits, and receive credit for educational experiences
in the Army.
For High Schools – Enables more graduates to attend
college by earning GI Bill and other educational benefits.
For Colleges and Universities – Increase enrollment of
mature, motivated veterans who have job, life, and
leadership experience, and money for education.
For Army and Army Reserves – Attracts college capable
soldiers to maintain high standards in the Army.
Career Exploration
Empowering students to
become the career
architects of their future
Mixed Method Approach to
Career Exploration
10 < > 12 Grades
First Two Years of College
Multiple-Aptitude Test
• Assessment of student’s ability to learn new skills
• Predictor of success in training and education programs
General Science
Arithmetic Reasoning
Knowledge of life science, earth and
space science, and physical science
Ability to solve basic arithmetic word
Word Knowledge
Paragraph Comprehension
Ability to understand the meaning of
words through synonyms
Ability to obtain information from written
Mathematics Knowledge
Electronics Information
Knowledge of mathematical concepts and
Knowledge of electrical current, circuits,
devices, and electronic systems
Auto and Shop Information
Mechanical Comprehension
Knowledge of automotive maintenance,
repair, wood and metal shop practices
Knowledge of the principles of
mechanical devices and structural support
SAT Concordance Table
ACT Concordance Table
REALISTIC activities allow
activities allow you to
use organizational,
clerical, and arithmetic
skills and require
attention to detail or
activities allow you to
take a leadership role
or speak in front of groups,
and may require that you
take on a lot of
® John R. Holland,Ph.D.
you to work with your hands
and involve using machines,
tools, and equipment.
SOCIAL activities allow you to
use your skills to interact
effectively with others and
involve working with
and helping others.
activities involve learning
about a new subject area
or allow you to use your
knowledge to solve
problems or create
things or ideas.
ARTISTIC activities
allow you to write,
paint, play a musical
Instrument, or use
your imagination to do
original work.
Pathways for Higher Education
• PaYS – Partnership for Youth Success
Soldiers are guaranteed an interview for projected job vacancies
within many American industries, state and local government
agencies upon successful completion of individual advance
• ConAP – Concurrent Admissions Program
To make it easier for Soldiers to get into college and start
earning credit, the Army partners with more than 1,800
colleges and universities that want to increase enrollment of
• eArmyU – Is a large and robust online learning portal,
that ranks among the most innovative and accessible
distance-learning programs ever developed.
Funding your College Education
Since training and education is a core part of the Army experience,
Soldiers are encouraged to continue their education beyond high school.
The Army helps its Soldiers achieve their educational goals through
various funding programs:
• The Post 9/11 GI Bill – Soldiers who served after
9/11/01 are entitled to 36 months of benefits based on a sliding
eligibility scale. Benefits include tuition, fees and a housing
• The Montgomery GI Bill – with a three to six year
enlistment, Soldiers are eligible to receive a maximum benefit of
up to $49,248.
• Montgomery GI Bill plus Army College Fund –
With a score of 50 or higher on the ASVAB, a Soldier can earn
up to $83,448 for college.
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