Quickly develop secure, collaborative, business applications

*Notes designer spec sheet
8/28/97 12:20 PM
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Notes Designer
• Radical RADD.
Deliver Net applications faster
than ever before, with superb
RADD functionality—from built-in
scripting to enterprise-wide
deployment via replication.
• Phenomenal Java support.
Add Java™ to both Notes™ and
Web applications. Change and
preview applet properties
Quickly develop secure, collaborative,
business applications for the Net.
Everything a Net Developer Needs.
Your Most Valuable Client.
Lotus Notes Designer for Domino is the
developer’s version of Notes—with everything you need to build and maintain
secure and collaborative Net applications
on the Lotus Domino server. Applications
you create with Notes Designer for
Domino can easily be made accessible to
Web browsers and Notes clients.
Designers need groupware and e-mail,
too—and Notes Designer for Domino 4.6
is the most powerful groupware and
e-mail client available. Designed to run on
Microsoft Windows 95 and Windows NT
4.0, it includes all the features of Lotus
Notes Desktop,™ including major
enhancements like integrated support for
your favorite Web browser, the ability to
use either Lotus Word Pro™ or Microsoft
Word as your e-mail editor, and more.
on-the-fly. Store applets in
Domino™ databases for easy
security and management.
• Cool new tools.
Lotus BeanMachine™ for Java
makes applet authoring incredibly
fast and easy—no coding required!
Notes Global Designer™ lets you
bring applications to users worldwide in their native languages.
• Total control.
Embed HTML wherever you
need it to fine-tune your site's
Rapid Development and Deployment.
An unsurpassed platform for rapid development and deployment of Net-based
business applications, Notes Designer for
Domino leverages the ease of use of the
Notes integrated development environment to provide access to the full power
of the Domino server: robust messaging, a
distributed object database, the industry’s
leading replication technology, proven
security, workflow and other integrated
services—all running with industry
standards like TCP/IP, HTTP, Java, HTML
and ODBC.
Quickly develop secure,
collaborative, business
applications for the Net.
*Notes designer spec sheet
8/28/97 12:21 PM
Page 2
For faster, more convenient development of Net applications, use the new
Preview Tool.
• Multimedia object store. Use Domino distributed
database capabilities to manage Web sites and
applications easily. Let Domino handle link
management. Use Domino replication to update
applications automatically.
Notes Designer for Domino gives you
direct access to the power of Domino
View your application’s Web content
in your choice of Web browser.
• Flexible security. Build unparalleled access control
into your applications. Limit access to servers, to
databases, to documents—even to specific fields
in documents.
• The world's leading workflow. With built-in
Domino workflow capabilities, your Web applications
can automate strategic business processes from
Customer Service to new product development.
• Instant e-mail integration. The integral messaging
capabilities of Domino let you build messaging into
your applications with unparalleled ease.
• Supports more standards. Including Java,
JavaBeans, Netscape plug-ins, OLE 2.0, ActiveX, HTTP,
security and more.
Notes Designer for Domino delivers
unsurpassed productivity.
• Instant gratification. Instantly preview your design
with a Notes client or in your choice of Web browsers.
• New support for browser-accessible
applications. Embed Domino views, Navigators and
search bars into your Web applications, and set their
properties right from the menu.
• Rapid development and deployment. Gain direct
access to Lotus Domino services. Easily add Dominobased features like views and Navigators and instantly
preview the results in your Web browser.
• Customization with HTML. Embed HTML wherever
you need it to fine-tune your applcation's appearance.
Let Domino render your Web pages, send pure HTML
to Web browsers, or combine the two approaches.
• Use your current tools. Access Domino services
from C, C++, Java, Microsoft Visual Basic, Delphi and
more. Notes Designer for Domino delivers phenomenal
Java support.
• Do it all in one place. Use Lotus BeanMachine
for Java to create a new applet in minutes; or, start
with an existing applet. Embed it in an e-mail message, a document, or in a Notes form with just a
mouse click. Change its properties and parameters
on-the-fly and preview your changes. Then store the
entire applet in a Domino database for security and
easy management.
Notes Designer for Domino is the
industry’s most powerful groupware
and e-mail client.
• A first—Java agents! Now you can write Domino
server agents with any Java IDE. Leverage your expertise with an object model common across LotusScript,
C++ and Java.
• Works with your favorite applications. Integrate
the applications you use everyday with your Domino
applications. For example, use Lotus Word Pro or
Microsoft Word as your application's document editor.
Notes Designer for Domino delivers
cool new tools.
• Lotus BeanMachine for Java. Best-of-breed
visual Java authoring that lets you use your existing
JavaBeans and applets, fully automates applet
publishing and works with your choice of Java
compiler—for the ultimate in productivity.
• Most Valuable Client. Winner of PC World's 1997
Best Groupware Applications Environment Award. Also
includes all the productivity features of the Notes
Desktop client, like e-mail, direct Internet access,
unparalleled mobile support and group scheduling.
• Easier e-mail. Use Notes Designer for Domino to
retrieve messages from your Internet Service Provider
or any intranet server that supports POP3, such as the
Domino server. Place all your corporate mail and personal mail in a single inbox.
• Choose your browser. Work The Web with the
browser of your choice using Personal Web Navigator,
Microsoft Internet Explorer, or other market-leading
• Global impact for your applications. Support Net
users worldwide in their native languages, efficiently
and cost-effectively, with Notes Global Designer. Now
you can develop and localize applications separately
and in parallel.
Supported Operating Systems:
Microsoft Windows 95, Microsoft Windows NT 4.0
(Intel, Alpha), Hewlett-Packard HP-UX 10.20, IBM AIX
4.1.5 & 4.2.1 Sun Solaris 2.5.1/SPARC and Intel Edition
• Instant data access. Give Net applications access to
all your vital corporate data—wherever it resides—
with LotusScript™ extensions for Oracle, ODBC,
MQSeries and more.
Supported Protocols:
TCP/IP and X.PC supported on all platforms.
SPX, SPXII, NetBIOS/NetBEUI, X.25, SNA5, AppleTalk,
VINES supported on selected platforms.
• Built-in Net Templates. Get your applications up
and running quickly with application templates and
examples for Home Page, FAQ, Registration,
Discussion, Document Library (with workflow!) and
more. Use “as is” or as a starting point.
Lotus Development Corporation, 55 Cambridge Parkway, Cambridge, MA 02142. Lotus Development Canada Ltd., 10 Bay Street, Toronto, Ontario M5J2R8. Lotus also has
offices in Mexico, Brazil, Venezuela, Colombia, Chile, and Argentina. Lotus, working Together are registered trademarks and Lotus BeanMachine, Domino, Notes, LotusScript,
Work The Web, Notes Designer for Domino, and Global Designer are trademarks of Lotus Development Corporation. Java and JavaBeans are trademarks of Sun
Microsystems, Inc. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners. © 1997 Lotus Development Corporation. All rights reserved.Printed in U.S.A.
Part No. 348154 Job No. DOM-1159|AL
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