Romani Resistance: The 16th of May 1944, Men, Women and

Romani Resistance: The 16th of May 1944, Men, Women and Children of the Gypsy camp of
Auschwitz-Birkenau, warned by the internal Resistance Network of the camp, got organized in order
to fight off SS guards who came the same night to lead them to the Gas Chambers. Fearing casualties,
the Nazi withdrew in front of the rebellion of Roma man, woman and children. There were significant
numbers of Wehrmacht veterans among the prisoners.
The book Avava-Ovava, published by Al Dante is inspired by the trip of a group of young people from
France – Roma, Manouche and non-Roma who left Paris to join the event in Auschwitz – Birkenau of
more than 450 young people from Europe commemorating the August 2 – the night of the Roma
Genocide of the WWII. Texts by Anina Ciuciu, Pierre Chopinaud, Lise Foisneau, Valentin Merlin and
Saimir Mile are reflecting the paradox of the trip and the current situation of Roma in Europe.
Photographs are made by Yann Merlin.
Hate Speech Monitoring - ERGO Network jointed the ENAR and ILGA Europe Initiative to monitor the
hate-speech made by politicians in their electoral campaign ahead of the European elections on 22–
25 May. The debate will focus on the preliminary results of the electoral campaigns´ monitoring as
well as on the mobilizing actions in the last week prior to the elections! #EU2014 the most recent
predictions and pool watch show that the Far-Rights Parties and anti-EU parties will become the third
political group in the European Parliament with approximately the 30 % of seats.
Wall Free Europe - On November 9th 2014, it is 25 years ago that the Berlin wall fell and we will
celebrate unity of East and West Germany. Since the fall of the Berlin wall, new walls have been
erected in Europe to segregate Roma citizens from their non-Roma neighbours. Alone in Slovakia 14
walls exist to separate Roma from their non-Roma neighbours. Also in Romania, Bulgaria, Czech
Republic, Italy, France and other European countries, local governments build walls to hide Roma often motivated to protect children safety. Therefor ERGO has built its advocacy campaign around
this historic moment, asking attention for the removal of both physical and mental walls.