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The Springer
Uniformity, by Jeffrey Meriwether
I do wear civilian clothes occasionally, that
is, when I’m not sporting North Africa cool,
DPM swank, or Royal Navy drag. I love uniforms!-the way they’re cut, the history behind their design, the searching for the accessories, the historical education that
comes with recreating a adorned identity.
Once, while waiting for someone at the
Providence airport, a woman approached,
shook my hand, and thanked me for my service. I was wearing my French camouflage
Photo Credit- Jeffrey Meriwether (F2) kit at the time. Did she miss the big tricolour flag patch on the left shoulder? Would
she have been so quick to praise had she suspected I was a frog? I
have no idea (and I was wearing the uniform as I had come straight
from assisting at recruit school-just to be clear).
Thank you to Rob Lee for printing the Springer throughout the year!
The Springer
His Majesty’s 10th Regiment of
Foot, Inc.
Chief Editor: Pte. Laura Daniels
Lexington, MA 02421
The views expressed here are those of and for the members of His Majesty's 10th Regiment of Foot in America, Inc. This publication is
intended solely for the members of the Regiment and contributions are always welcome. To contribute, please send articles, ideas,
pictures or drawings to the address above or e-mail them to [email protected] Copyright © MMXIII
I like the dress-up game we play in the 10th. Loving uniforms and history as I do, I wanted to incorporate it into more general regimental
activities, beyond our events. Someone mentioned that in the previous era, members routinely came to drill dressed in some sort of
military surplus. That’s when I took it upon myself to reaffirm an old
practice. I knew I would not be the only one, as other members occasionally wear one piece or another. In for a penny, in for a pound!
-I decided I would work to recreate entire uniforms.
Uniformity, Continued on page 4
The Springer
The Knot, by Dylan Potter
My journey to becoming corporal began back
in 2008 when I selected to attend leadership
school. After completing the program and continuing to be committed to the Regiment, I was
eventually promoted to Lance Corporal. I
found out on Patriots’ Day during the calling of
the roll. I noticed that my name was not called
and just figured that it was dark and that the
Sergeant Major lost his place. I didn’t realize
until after that he intentionally missed my
name in order to make the announcement of
Photo Credit– Dylan Potter
my promotion.
Upon my promotion, I began observing every little detail in the actions of
the other NCOs and officers because I was now being trusted with the
well-being of other members. It’s not easy learning everything about being an NCO. In addition to learning commands, I had to learn safety protocols and how to deal with a variety of issues. There is a lot of “learn as
you go.” The real world never goes as planned. Luckily, I have great leaders to follow.
When the command staff decided that I was ready, I was presented with
a corporal’s knot at the end-of-the-year party by then Captain Falotico.
The learning never stopped. I am still learning and improving myself today, even with a couple seasons under my belt, or knot.
The best part about being a corporal is knowing that other members
trust me both on and off the field. I have given advice that has to do with
the Regiment and also personal advice. By far my favorite memory as a
corporal is from Fort Ticonderoga this year. Being senior corporal, I had
the chance to step aside and be a private so that the other corporals
could practice giving commands. I was there for assistance if needed. I
am very glad for this opportunity to portray a corporal in the British Army
of 1775 and I look forward to many more years as an active member of
His Majesty’s 10th Regiment of Foot.
The Springer
2015 In Pictures Contributed by 10th Members
The Springer
School Visits 2015, by Rob Lee
During the 2014-2015 school year, the H.M. 10th Regiment of Foot visited a number
of schools in the greater Boston area. The Regiment is always well received by the
students of the host schools with great questions and eagerness to drill.
Here is a sample of some of the feedback we received: "Colorful, engaging, informative, thought provoking" are some of the comments offered by teachers and administrators, and "our students learned a lot from you (the group), as did I, and they enjoyed how you shared your information. We really appreciate your (group) taking the
morning to come and share your knowledge with us. I am sure that they will always
remember you and the information that you presented so authentically..."
Alexi Kraytman
Paul Kraytman
Justin Murray
Mike Graves
Valerie Graves
Carol Daniels
Khalid Antar
Kelsey Brennan
Paul O’Shaughnessy
Lincoln Clark
Tammy Bressler
Eric and Joan Niehaus
Paul Dooley
The Springer
Sat 19 Yearly Meeting / Holiday Party
2016 Calendar
Coming January 2016!!
Photo Credit- His Majesty’s Facebook
10th School Visits 2014-2015
Clinton Middle School, Clinton, MA - October 15
St Raphael School, Medford, MA - May 12
Hosmer School, Watertown, MA - May 15
Burbank School, Belmont, MA - May 15th
Job Lane School, Bedford, MA - June 3rd
Dunning School, Framingham, MA - June 24,
21st Century School Summer Program, Wilson School, Framingham, MA July 28
Clinton Middle School, -October 29
Upcoming School Visits in 2016
Hosmer School, Watertown, MA, March TBD
Job Lane School, Bedford, MA, Wednesday, June 1, 2016
Photo CreditHis Majesty’s Facebook
There are only 121 days until
Lexington Green!!!
The Springer
Uniformity, Continued from page 1
At home, I’ve been told that if we move
house, I’m to have my own (small)
room in which to store “all that crap”. I
might try to cram my bike stuff in there
too. Into that room, I would put the
following: 1914 Royal Sussex Regiment
Service Dress; 1917 British Army Shirtsleeve Order (Mesopotamia); 1943 6
Battalion Lincolnshire Regiment Khaki
Shorts/Shirtsleeve Order; 1943 Royal
Navy Class II White Square Rig (HMS Exeter); 1943 Royal Navy Overalls (HMS
Exeter); 1943 Royal Navy No. 9 Singlet
Class II (HMS Exeter); 1944 2 Battalion
Photo Credit- Jeffrey Meriwether
Lincolnshire Regiment Battle Dress;
1987 Royal Anglian Regiment No. 9 Temperate Combat Dress;
2010 Royal Anglian Regiment No. 9 Temperate Combat Dress;
2010 Royal Anglian Regiment No. 2 Service Dress; 2010 Royal
Anglian Regiment No. 10 Temperate Mess Dress.
Those are the mains, and they can be altered to create other
orders of dress (adding a wool jumper to the combat dress creates a new uniform). Into that small room I’d also chuck
French F2 khaki green and CCE camouflage uniforms-although
both come in two orders of dress, whereby two uniforms become four. Oh, don’t forget the Free French Resistance get up
from WWII.
So, that’s the scoop. It’s good fun and great for conversations,
strange looks, and shaking hands. I’d have to write a whole
other article on the boot collection…
The Springer
A Year In Review, Continued from page 12
Personally, I was fortunate to experience many memorable moments
over the past year, but my most memorable was at Fort Ticonderoga as
our Company Corporals flawlessly commanded their platoons on the first
day’s battle in the woods. As we continue to build our leadership at all
levels ,we will ensure our success into the future.
Looking forward to next year, I would like to continue our focus on increasing participation at events, parades, and drills, and bolstering our
recruiting efforts with the public wherever we are present. With this in
mind, we have some exciting events planned for 2016 including: an expanded Battle Road weekend in conjunction with the 100th Anniversary
of the National Parks with camping available all weekend in the fields
near Hartwell Tavern.; The Battle of Quebec, Royal Military College SaintJean, Canada in late August,; a possible reenactment of the Battle of
Brooklyn/Harlem Heights at Monmouth State Park in NJ, but in September not the usual blistering June; and a time period event at Strawberry
Banke in Portsmouth NH which should serve as a great Recruiting opportunity for us.
In closing, I would like to thank all our members for their support which
is greatly appreciated. I would like to recognize the individual dedication
many of you contribute to the success of the Regiment. Time and again
our members continue to volunteer to take on important assignments
that allow our traditions to be preserved and ensure the future growth
of the Regiment. We are a team, and we all play an important role in
being part of the 10th.
As our 50th Anniversary approaches in 2018, as the Re-created 10th Regiment of Foot, I look forward to the continued success of our Historic Legacy and enjoyment by all our members in 2016 and many years beyond.
The Springer
A Year In Review, by Robert Falotico
Looking back, 2015 has been another
productive year for the 10th. Together,
we have accomplished many things,
including: the launch of a New Regimental Website, updates to our Standing Orders, placement of an active
Board of Directors that meets quarterly
to help us with recruiting, branding of
our Image, and non-profit organizational matters. In addition, we have made
Photo Credit– Bob Falotico
numerous improvements in quarter mastering activities with real results in uniform updates, weapons maintenance, and historical research of our military authenticity by a subgroup of our members. We lead the sponsorship and organization of a
major regional event in Epping NH, and we continued to make progress
in recruitment of new members, with 6 new recruits in training to soon
join our ranks. Our Civilians made improvements and efficiencies in
deployment of our kitchen in the field, while continuing to prepare delicious meals with the most welcoming hospitality at each and every
The Springer
November and December Birthdays!
Josh Kearney— November 9th
Cheryl Potter— November 13th
Tammy Bressler— November 27th
Scott Williams— November 30th
Robert Falotico—December 9th
Scott Smith—December 12th
Carol Daniels—December 19th
Gary Mezack—December 19th
Eric Niehaus—December 24th
Sarah Vedrani—December 26th
And let’s not forget, we accomplished all these things while maintaining another year of financial stability.
Most importantly, although our numbers at some of the events in 2015
were less than desired, I feel our morale remains high, and whatever
the circumstances, we continue to represent the 10th well and have a
great time being together.
A Year In Review, Continued on page 13
Photo Credit–
Poacher Profile
The Springer
Your name: Kelsey Brennan
Your current age: 27 City & state: Hopkinton,
Occupation: 5th Grade Teacher
Where you work: Framingham, MA
Significant Other: Engaged to Brian Briselli
Your present rank and company: Corporal in the
When did you join the Regiment? April 2002
Why did you join the Regiment?
Ali asked me! When we were younger we went
to the Lexington Green reenactment each year with our fathers. One year Ali decided to join and quickly brought me into the fold soon after.
Photo Credits– Kelsey Brennan
Name 1 thing that we don’t know about you:
I was always the Yellow Power Ranger as a kid.
What do you enjoy doing when you’re outside the Regiment? Describe:
I really enjoy reading children’s literature- especially middle grade novels! It’s
wonderful to be able to share reading experiences with my students and recommend great books for them. If you ever need suggestions for your children/
grandchildren/you let me know! I’m also a pretty die-hard Bruins and Patriots fan.
I love going to games and cheering on the teams I love.
What is your favorite thing about the Regiment? Describe:
That it is one big family and the fact that you meet people through the hobby
who you would not normally ever meet .
What is your favorite memory of the Regiment? Describe:
My favorite regimental memories of recent have been up at Fort #4. From dancing on tables, to paddling down the Connecticut River, to playing “football”, and
running around reenacting, there have been some really wonderful memories
made there.
Regimental Return
The Springer
Poacher Profile
Regimental Return
The Springer
The Springer
Where’s the furthest you’ve traveled and why?
I went to Italy with my family the summer before I started my teaching job as a
graduation trip!
What are your likes?
Music, reading, cats, going out to dinner, my friends, and family.
What are your dislikes?
Country music and seafood (except clam chowder. Clam chowder is so good!).
What is your favorite movie?
Right now...probably Star Wars (original trilogy) because the new movie is about
to come out. I’m going to see it on opening night :)
What is your favorite song / style of music?
Anything but country! But mostly classic rock.
Are you active in any causes and why?
I am active in fostering the minds of the future generations.
What special talents / skills do you have?
I am a master of procrastination. I do my best work under pressure.
What is the most unusual thing that has happened to you in life? Describe:
I’m going to take the meaning of unusual in a positive way and say that I was able
to go to the Super Bowl and watch the Patriots play a few years ago! Even though
they lost, I was able to get into the after party and had a great time dancing and
schmoozing with the players!
What is the best thing that has happened to you so far in life?
I tend to over-use the word “best thing ever” so I would say that life has been the
best thing to happen to me in life so far..
What is the one thing that you would like to accomplish before you die?
More traveling!
The Springer
A Financial Summary of 2015, by Shaun Timberlake
Thanks to all of you, the Regiment has been able to financially navigate through
another season.
Since the final numbers for 2015 will be printed in January’s edition of The
Springer, here, we’ll summarize the numbers.
We’ll finish the year with just over $6,400 in the bank. That will be about $1,000
less than this time last year.
We took in $17,500, of that $3,000 was from parades and $4,200 in food and
equipment sales. One item of interest is that we took in $1,300 in school visits
this year. We collected another $1,300 for lectures and other public displays.
Finally, we took in $650 in unrestricted tax-deductible donations.
Expenses were $22,300, which was $3,350 more than 2014. Most of this increase was because we replenished a lot of our inventory, like leather, musket
parts and wool.
We did a lot in 2015. We had some good changes and some firsts for us, if not
for the re-enactment community as a whole in the New England region.
First and foremost, we transitioned Commanding Officers without having a civil
war or a complete meltdown. That in itself is rare in the re-enactment world.
Captain Graves took on the remodel of our website at to bring it to
what we have today. A special note of thanks needs to go out to Maj. Amsterdam for mastering our website for some 15 years or so. Lieut. Col. Stone has
done great work with our Facebook page. And, thanks to Pte. Daniels, we have
our newsletter The Springer back in print!
Another big first is that we created a bank account to assist in sponsoring local
events. Born out of necessity for the Bunker Hill event that we had in Epping,
NH, this June, by leveraging our tax-exempt status, we were able to collect the
funds and donations needed to pay for the expenses of that event. We took in
$9,000 which paid for expenses worth $7,240. That left us with an overage of
$1,760, which is being used to seed some of the events for Patriots’ Day weekend in 2016. So, now we not only have the ability to raise and earn money for
our projects, we have become a repository for other local events that we all can
enjoy. This should be a proud proposition for all of us!
For 2016, we should be in good financial shape to start things off right. We have
money, powder, equipment, insurance, and drill halls. We should be ready to
tackle anything that comes our way! ALL WE NEED NOW IS ALL OF YOU!
November 2015 Finances
The Springer