Cask of Amontillado NOTES

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English 9
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Mr. Goatseay
“The Cask of Amontillado” by Edgar Allan Poe
revenge (noun) –
the act of paying back injury
for injury
warmly (adverb) –
in a kind manner
a barrel used for storing liquids,
such as wine or beer
vault (noun) – a large room or chamber used for
storage, usually underground
uncertainly (adverb) –
without confidence
cask (noun) –
shaking with fear, cold, or
century (noun) – a period of one hundred years
trembling (adjective) –
Comprehension Questions:
Why was Montresor so intent on seeking revenge against Fortunato?
Fortunato had laughed at Montresor’s
proud family name. Montresor also says
that he had been hurt “a thousand times.”
How did Montresor succeed in getting Fortunato into the wine cellar?
He told him that he had a barrel of
Amontillado, a rare wine.
Who is the protagonist? Who is the antagonist? Why?
How did Montresor finally get his revenge?
Protagonist – Montresor (the story follows him)
Antagonist – Fortunato (he is Montresor’s enemy)
You might also say the opposite because Montresor is
a villain and Fortunato is wrongly hurt.
He lures him into a hole in the vault, chains him to the
wall, and builds a wall to trap him.
Mood & Tone
What type of mood does Poe create in “The Cask of Amontillado?”
Ominous, suspenseful, frightening, threatening
Copy three quotes from the story that help show the mood.
a. “The earth which formed the floor was cold and
“…trying to see through the thick darkness which
b. pushed in around us.”
“We could see the bones of the dead lying in large
piles along the walls. The stones of the walls were
wet and cold.”
“We went on, deeper and deeper into the earth.”
“I heard only a soft, low sound, a half-cry of fear.”
Literary Elements: Narration & Point of View
What type of point of view does Poe use?
First-person point of view
Why is Montresor an unreliable narrator?
He might be lying about the story - no one can
back up what he says. He also seems crazy
because of his abnormal desire for revenge.
Literary Analysis
Do you think Montresor should have killed Fortunato? Why or why not?
Yes – He was making up for a wrong against
his family name. // No – He could have found
another way to make things right.
8. Montresor gives Fortunato several chances to turn back. Why might he give his
enemy these opportunities if he just plans to kill him?
He was being ironic (saying something
opposite of what he means). He wants to
feel better about what he’s doing by saying
he gave Fortunato a chance to turn back.
9. In your opinion, did Montresor have to kill Fortunato? Is there any other way
Montresor could have handled this situation? Explain.
Answers will vary.
Ex: Montresor did not have to kill Fortunato
because he could have ignored his insults. He
could have tried discussing the problem.
Do you think Montresor's crime will ever be discovered? Why or why not?
Answers will vary.
Ex: Montresor will be caught because people will
wonder what happened to Fortunato.
He won’t be caught because the body is hidden.
Due Date ______________
Consider the following quote:
“Don't get mad, get even.” ~Robert F. Kennedy
In a well-organized paragraph in your journal, answer the following questions:
 How does this quote relate to “The Cask of Amontillado?”
 Do you agree with the quote? Why or why not?
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