Name: Date: Chapter 2 Review Please explain the significance of

Name: Date: Chapter 2 Review Please explain the significance of each of the following terms as they relate to the most recent unit of study on European colonization of North America. This completed packet will be due on Friday, 10/19 (test date). • Missions/presidios •
Viceroy •
Bartolome de las Casas •
Popé •
Northwest Passage •
French/native relations •
Courers de bois •
Champlain vs. Iroquois •
Louisiana •
Joint-­‐stock company •
Roanoke •
Jamestown •
Algonquins •
John Rolfe •
Headright System •
House of Burgesses •
Bacon’s Rebellion •
Maryland Founder: •
Reason for creation of Maryland: •
Differences between North & South Carolina: •
Reason for founding of Georgia and first settlers: •
Founder of Rhode Island: •
Method of land acquisition and purpose (RI): •
2 other New England colonies & their economies (offshoots of MA): •
Description of Delaware climate and its influence: •
Pilgrims & the Mayflower Compact •
City Upon a Hill •
Anne Hutchinson •
Salem Witch Trials •
Pequot & King Philip’s War •
New Netherlands •
Founding of NJ •
William Penn & the Quakers •
KNOW THE COLONIAL MAP! (13 COLONIES – PRACTICE ONLINE J ) see attached Please prepare for the open-­‐ended question listed on the back of the map. We will be completing the outline to prep for student responses before the test. 1. Massachusetts 2. New Hampshire 3. New York 4. Rhode Island 5. Connecticut 6. P ennsylvania 7. New Jersey 8. Maryland 9. Delaware 10. Virginia 11. North Carolina 12. South Carolina 13. Georgia 13. 12. 11. 10. 9. 8. 7. 6. 5. 4. 3. 2. 1. OPEN-­‐ENDED RESPONSE The year is 1730, one hundred years after John Winthrop’s famous “City Upon a Hill” sermon. Magically, the ghosts of Winthrop, John Smith of Jamestown & William Penn have all coalesced to debate which of their colonial regions (New England, southern or middle colonies) best modeled the ideologies of being a “CUAH.” Depending on your selection, write a multi-­‐paragraph response from the perspective of the colonial leader that you believe came from the best region in comparison to the other two. You should write as this person and assess the characteristics of EACH region. Be sure to inform an audience about why your region (and all its included colonies) was truly a CUAH and what exactly this means. *(yes, you will see this question VERBATIM on the quiz) Notes on organization and brainstorm: Your response must explain to the reader where this CUAH phrase comes from and what it means. You are also comparing all three regions and need to demonstrate detailed knowledge of each. When writing, you can divide information based on each region (ie start with yours, the best, and then explain the other two – or flip flop this order) OR pick themes (religion, economy, society) and compare each three within each topic. We (your teachers) are here to help in this pre-­‐writing process! *Remember – you want to have time to write on the day of the exam, so be sure to prepare in advance! This outline needs to be completed upon turning in your review packet -­‐ -­‐ -­‐ (you do not need to use complete sentences) Evidence Against New England: Meaning of CUAH & background info: Thesis – why you’re region is the best CUAH in comparison: Region/ Examples in Favor Colonies Southern: Middle: Closure – importance or significance of understanding this information: