Department of Geography University of Manchester Research

Department of Geography
University of Manchester
Research Seminar Series, 2013-14
Autumn Term
Seminar coordinates:
• Time: Wednesday afternoons, 3.30-5.00pm
• Location: HBS / Kantorowich Building, room HBS 1.69/1.70
Please contact Martin Dodge, seminar organiser, with any queries or
questions. Email: [email protected]
Wednesday 2nd October:
• Dr Rob Bryant (Department of Geography, University of Sheffield)
• "Dirty old dust" - towards an understanding dust source characteristics
and emission controls
• Chaired by Jamie Woodward
Wednesday 9th October:
• Professor Nigel Clark (The Lancaster Environment Centre)
• Planetary capitalism: Earth processes, geo-politics and the Anthropocene
• Chaired by Noel Castree
Wednesday 16th October:
• Dr Laura Edwards (Department of Geography, University of Manchester)
• Oceans, ice and satellites
• Chaired by Roger Braithwaite
Wednesday 23rd October:
• Professor Stephen Royle (School of Geography, Archaeology and
Palaeoecology, Queen’s University Belfast)
• A geography of islands and island geography
• Chaired by Chris Perkins
Wednesday 30th October:
• Study Week, No Seminar
Wednesday 6th November:
• Dr Alex Hughes (School of Geography, Politics and Sociology, Newcastle
• Ethical public procurement? The cultural politics and power geometries of
public sector commodity chains
• Chaired by Kevin Ward
Wednesday 13th November:
• Dr Roger Braithwaite (Department of Geography, University of
• Constructions of global warming
• Chaired by Gareth Clay
Wednesday 20th November:
• Dr Paul Simpson (School of Geography, Earth and Environmental
Sciences, University of Plymouth)
• Sound, 'ambiance', and securing tranquillity in St Pancras and Gare du
• Chaired by Helen Wilson
Wednesday 27th November: [NB. ROOM CHANGE – ALB G30/31]
• Professor Colin Ballantyne (School of Geography and Geosciences,
University of St Andrews)
• Catastrophic failure of mountain walls following deglaciation: timing,
causes and implications
• Chaired by Jason Dortch
Wednesday 4th December:
• Dr Kathryn Adamson (Department of Geography, QMUL.)
• Mediterranean river response to Pleistocene glaciation
• Chaired by Jamie Woodward
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