HMden Synonyms

HMden Synonyms
Hidden in the definitions is a common overused synonym for the words in italics.
Unscramble the boldface letters to spell the overused word.
1. Something that is fabulous is extremely pleasing. That which is excellent is of the
highest or finest quality. Something that makes a strong, vivid impression, one you
won’t soon forget is impressive.
Fabulous, excellent and impressive are synonyms for
2. You like what is attractive and inviting; you find it appealing. Something that is exquisite
is delicate and intricate in an especially lovely way. What is alluring is highly attractive
and most desirable.
Appealing, exquisite, and alluring are synonyms for
3. Something that lacks defects or flaws is flawless. If a person is faultless, he or she
is without blame or faults. When something is ideal, it is the model or standard that
people will strive for
Flawless, faultless, and ideal are synonyms for
4. A dire warning tells of terrible consequences. A horrendous situation is one that is
absolutely dreadful. A tragic happening is very sad, usually involving death.
Horrendous, dire, and tragic are synonyms for
5. When the sides are not equal, when one group has more players or help than another,
the situation is inequitable. If someone is completely to blame for an attack, and has
no good reason or defense for his actions, his position is indefensible. And if that attack
came from out of the blue and was unprovoked, it was also unwarranted.
Inequitable, indefensible, and unwarranted are synonyms for
Select two of the hidden words. Write a sentence using each word and underline
the word. Then rewrite each sentence using a more interesting and exact synonym.
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